• Mobile apps make it easier for Veterans to manage their health

    If you’re looking for easy, convenient ways to help boost your health, check out the many free mobile apps available to Veterans.

  • Borne the Battle #260: Benefits Breakdown – VA Mobile Mental Health Apps

    This episode of Borne the Battle – a benefits breakdown – features VA Mobile Mental Health Apps, which provides free tools and information to support and help Veterans manage PTSD-related symptoms and stress, learn to practice mindfulness, aim to reduce suicide risk and strengthen parenting skills.

  • Prioritize your mental health with help from VA

    To give the important aspects of your life your all and be the best version of yourself, you must make your mental health a priority. VA has resources to help Veterans manage their mental health.

  • How to access your health records through third party applications

    Are you a Veteran with an upcoming health care appointment? Need to quickly check the date of your last tetanus shot? Need to remember what antibiotic you last took? Need to review your health records before your next visit? Finding what you need, when you need it, in your VA health care history can seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be. One quick and easy solution is third-party applications.

  • Thousands of Veterans have quit smoking

    VA’s Better Starts Today campaign encourages Veterans to consider how their lives will improve after they quit smoking. Hashtag #BetterStartsToday – share the first step you’re taking to quit smoking.

  • Can older Vets with TBIs benefit from mobile game apps?

    A VA pilot study is looking at whether two types of video-game-like apps can help improve cognitive health in older Veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury.

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