• Oklahoma ladies make quilts for chemotherapy patients

    Karin Carrick and Sherry Langguth deliver homemade quilts to Tulsa Clinic for Veterans receiving chemotherapy. “Showing our appreciation.”

  • Purple Power: VA nurse goes purple to support Veteran cancer patient

    VA vocational nurse surprised cancer patient Army Veteran Rachel VanDeMark in a purple wig, a favorite color for a very special reason.

  • Breast Cancer Survivorship program empowers Veterans to thrive

    The Breast Cancer Survivorship program puts control in the hands of Veterans undergoing breast cancer treatment. “I’ll beat this thing again.”

  • New VA outpatient clinic opens in Tulsa

    The new outpatient clinic in Tulsa has opened its doors for Veterans in Eastern Oklahoma. The new clinic will serve 36,000 Veterans.

  • Immunotherapy treatment for Veteran battling leukemia

    Veteran John Ellis remains optimistic about beating his leukemia thanks to an innovative treatment. He is the first patient to be treated with this approach and has completed the first phase of treatment.

  • Why I get my health care at VA: Jacqueline

    Navy Veteran Jacqueline says her care team is “The best in this world.” Diagnosed with breast cancer, she got all her care at VA and never plans to go back to the private sector for care.

  • Chemo care continues through COVID

    Veterans Robert Taney and Robert Tomlinson were able to get their chemotherapy treatments safely throughout the pandemic due to the professionalism and dedication of the staff at Lebanon VAMC.

  • App helps Veterans manage chemotherapy symptoms

    Veterans with cancer can have adverse effects at home following chemotherapy. That’s why VA’s Minneapolis medical center is using Annie, VA’s text messaging system to help them manage those symptoms.

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