At Eastern Oklahoma VA, we have many people dedicated to providing the best care to our nation’s heroes. From front-line health care to behind-the-scenes, the well-being of our Veterans is our common goal. We are fortunate to share that goal with another vital part of the VA team, our community partners.

We love to work alongside our volunteers, Veteran Service Organizations, and other community partners who help us provide excellent care to those we serve.

Mendi Wall, nurse manager for Tulsa Chemo Infusion Clinic, presents Army Veteran Milton McCormick with a quilt donated by Karin Carrick and Sherry Langguth.

Recently, staff at the Ernest Childers VA Outpatient Clinic in Tulsa were able to assist one community partner with a project that always brings smiles to the faces of our Veterans.

On June 1, Karin Carrick and Sherry Langguth delivered homemade lap quilts to the Tulsa Clinic for Veterans receiving chemotherapy. Normally, Carrick and Langguth would deliver them personally. However, due to visitor restrictions in place, the Chemo Infusion Clinic staff were happy to accept the donations and deliver them on their behalf.

Comfort through a tough time

The Veterans receiving treatment were excited and appreciative to receive the quilts according to Mendi Wall, a nurse manager for the Tulsa Chemo Infusion Clinic.

“These quilts really brighten our Veterans’ Day,” said Wall. “They provide comfort through a very tough time and remind them how much they are cared for. I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the quilt donations on multiple occasions. These quilts and the women who make them are extra special to us.”

Carrick and Langguth have a name for their cause – Hearts for Vets. Their mission is to show appreciation to Veterans and provide comfort for those going through chemotherapy treatments.

Hearts for Vets started years ago when Carrick and Langguth met and became friends.

A way to show appreciation to Veterans

“We realized we both had a love for quilting,” said Langguth. “When Karin said she wanted to make lap quilts for Veterans, I loved the idea. We got started quilting and haven’t stopped yet.”

“My husband served in Vietnam,” said Carrick. “The reception those Veterans received when they came home was heartbreaking. This is a way we can show our appreciation to those Veterans and to all Veterans. This is a calling for me, and I really love it.”

By Tiffani Mathews is a communication specialist at the Eastern Oklahoma VA. Photos by Michael Motley, a licensed practical nurse at the Eastern Oklahoma VA.

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Published on Jun. 19, 2022

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  1. Theodore Tube June 20, 2022 at 4:13 am

    The quilt club of Palm Creek located in Casa Grande AZ also provide beautiful queen size quilts to veterans receiving Chemotherapy. When I received one recently I was overwhelmed with emotions. I realize how much effort and time that these folks put into making these beautiful things. It really helps getting you through a rough time, and it is possibly the biggest “Thank You” for my service I have since coming home from Nam

  2. jerry dalton June 19, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    jerry dalton I am a Vietnam veteran and my wife also for 48 years I have lung cancer and she has stage 4 cancer just finished chemotherapy we live in Virginia I want to Thank You for what you do for veterans

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