• PTSD Bytes #6: Treatments for PTSD 4: Cognitive Processing Therapy

    Clinical psychologist Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses cognitive processing therapy with Dr. Shannon Wiltsey Stirman, National Center for PTSD.

  • In a landmark study, both of VA’s top psychotherapies lead to meaningful improvements for Veterans with PTSD

    Dr. Paula Schnurr, executive director of VA’s National Center for PTSD, was the lead author of the study, which was also the largest PTSD psychotherapy study to date in any population in the total number of participants: 916. The findings appeared in JAMA Network Open on Jan. 19, 2022.

  • Can medication ease insomnia in Veterans with PTSD? VA study aims to find out

    In a double-blind trial, Krystal and his team will compare the drugs trazodone, eszopiclone, and gabapentin to placebo. All three contain sleep-inducing ingredients but work in different ways.

  • PTSD – Move forward by looking back

    Seeking treatment and talking about a traumatic event may seem hard but confronting difficult memories can help you heal and move forward.

  • Loving kindness meditation proves effective for PTSD

    A VA study has found course of loving kindness meditation was just as effective as one of VA’s front-line treatments for treating PTSD.

  • Mindfulness helps Veteran with PTSD find relief

    Army Veteran in study focused on mindfulness and sailing for Veterans with PTSD and other mental health conditions. “A tool I can use.”

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