• VA and Heroes Foundation create employment opportunities for Veterans

    The Heroes Foundation partnership educates corporate employers about VA resources that can help improve Veterans’ health and wellbeing.

  • A Compensated Work Therapy success story: From cleaning bathrooms to running a National Cemetery

    Victor Vasquez, the director of two National Cemeteries got his start in VA’s Compensated Work Therapy Program. Read his story.

  • VA compensated work therapy program saved Veteran Terry Tisdale when he was “lower than low”

    Compensated Work Therapy program starts new life for Army Veteran of 15 years. “They should call it compassionate work therapy.”

  • Army Veteran finds purpose in Adaptive Sports – and a new career

    After a quadriplegic C-spine injury left her in a wheelchair, Army Veteran Desiree Emilio-Duverge reinvented herself by embracing change, learning adaptive sports and becoming her own boss.

  • Oklahoma Veterans’ second chance at career success

    Read how three Veterans … and dozens more … benefit from the Compensated Work Therapy program at the Oklahoma City VA Health Care System. Back in the work force while concentrating on their health care.

  • Veterans benefit from job placement, mental health support

    VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Service helps Veterans achieve and maintain meaningful employment. The Compensated Work Therapy program enables Veterans to find or return to work.

  • VA Compensated Work Therapy graduating class

    VA clinical vocational rehabilitation program gets Veterans off the streets, off drugs and in the workforce. Helps find employment opportunities for Veterans with physical and mental health challenges.

  • Veteran goes from homeless to hopeful

    When William Ford arrived at Shreveport VA Medical Center in October 2018, he was homeless and ill. Everything he owned could be packed into two bags. Today, thanks to VA, he’s healthy and hopeful.

  • With help from VA, formerly homeless Veteran is ready to live on his own

    Veteran Anthony Brown was homeless when he lost both feet to frostbite. Today, after two years of treatment, Brown is ready to leave Coatesville VA Medical Center VA to live in the community.

  • From homeless to hired – a story of resilience and dedication

    Army Veteran used VA programs to go from homeless to VA employee, helping other Veterans navigate the medical center. He opened one door and more opened for him. “I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel.”

  • Compensated Work Therapy helps Veteran land dream job

    After a motorcycle crash left Army Veteran William Arnold with head-to-toe injuries, he took advantage of the VA Compensated Work Therapy program to find his dream job and improve his life.

  • VA, Men’s Wearhouse team up to help Veterans “Dress for Success”

    Anthony Williams, CWT Program manager: “We are serious about helping Veterans find employment.” Over 40 Veterans stopped by the Gulf Coast VA Health Care System ready to “Dress for Success.”

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