• June 27th is HIV testing day. Say yes to the test!

    Adults should get an HIV test at least once in their lifetime. At VA, only about 46% of Veterans have an HIV test in their records. Say yes to the test.

  • Providing clean syringes to Veterans who inject drugs

    Syringe Services Programs provide preventive and treatment services. They limit the negative effects of injection drug use (infections, overdose) and provide mental health support.

  • Researchers optimistic about ability of anti-inflammatory drug to treat COVID-19 patients

    It was once under the radar of much of the medical community. Now, research by Dr. Vincent Marconi and Dr. Raymond Schinazi has expanded into a potentially impactful finding in the search for treatments to the COVID-19 virus.

  • Ebola crisis helped prepare director of VA medical center for COVID-19 pandemic

    In 2013, Dr. Steve Braverman, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, was named commander of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. The institute works to solve the top threats to soldier readiness and lethality, such as disease and battle injury.

  • VA is on a mission to end HIV

    VA’s mission: End the HIV epidemic. It is possible to end HIV and we can do it in 10 years. We’ve made dramatic advancements in treating and preventing HIV. We can do this, but we need your help.

  • HIV testing is one key piece of prevention

    VA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend everyone be tested for HIV at least once in their lifetime. Testing helps you know your status so you don’t pass the virus on to others.

  • VA recommends all Veterans be tested at least once for HIV

    It’s National HIV Testing Day. VA has a critical role in ending the HIV epidemic in America. We provide care for 31,000 Veterans with HIV. Ask your VA health care provider about an HIV test.

  • For Dr. Puja Van Epps, enabling Veterans to reclaim their health from HIV disease is the most rewarding aspect of her VA career

    The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the single […]

  • Caring for Veterans with HIV

    Tomorrow, December 1, is World AIDS Day. As the single largest provider of HIV care in the United States, VA is committed to caring for our Veterans with HIV. Here are links to vital information.

  • HIV Testing Day: Step Up!

    HIV Testing Day at a VA Medical Center may help put your mind at ease or save your life. Say yes to the free HIV test.

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