• Celebrate International Women’s Day with I am Not Invisible 3.0 panel

    In honor of International Women's Day, VA's Center for Women Veterans (CWV) collaborated with the Library of Congress Veterans History Project (VHP) for the “I Am Not Invisible 3.0” panel discussion and oral history donation. 

  • I Am Not Invisible campaign highlights women Veterans

    The I Am Not Invisible campaign brings awareness to the barriers and challenges that women Veterans face in obtaining health care and other services.

  • VA Adapting to meet women Veterans’ needs

    Just 20 years ago, VA served a little more than 150,000 women Veterans. This was before 9/11, an event that prompted so many American men and women to enlist and defend their country. Today, VA is serving more than 740,000 women Veterans.

  • Texas Iraq War Veteran overcomes trauma

    Benita Swinners suffers from PTSD and is a survivor of military sexual trauma. Today, she has come to point in her life, thanks to VA, where she can talk about it. Here is her brave, candid story.

  • Biloxi VA acknowledges contributions of women Veterans

    More than 90 Gulf Coast women Veterans who are also VA employees participated in a recent virtual photo exhibit recognizing their military service contributions.

  • Texas VA employees help raise awareness for fellow Women Veterans

    Laura B. Vela and Lilia A. Garcia were among the 30 Texan Women Veterans featured in the “I Am Not Invisible” campaign.

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