• Nurse returns from retirement to help heal Veterans

    Dr. Thérèse Duggan retired seven years ago. Now she is back at VA as an unpaid volunteer physician ambassador. “Health care workers get into this line of work because we like to help people.”

  • VA chaplains virtually connect Veterans in ICU

    Veterans in intensive care use iPads to see loved ones. VA chaplains facilitate these meaningful interactions using VA Video Connect. Their iPads are provided in collaboration with Apple.

  • VA and Army collaborate in response to COVID-19

    VA is collaborating with the Army to open a 16-bed mobile intensive care unit on the co-located campus of the William Beaumont Medical Center and the El Paso VA Health Care System.

  • VA staff brings Veterans Day parade to patients

    When patients were disappointed they could not attend Veterans Day activities, VA staff brought the parade to them. “A joy to see their faces light up as the parade went through the hospital.”

  • Nevada VA launches Tele-ICU partnership

    VA takes a giant step in Veteran health care with Tele-ICU which provides critically ill Vets access to specially trained experts across the country…expanding soon to 40 medical centers in 25 states.

  • VA opens new Tele-ICU facility in downtown Cincinnati

    VA telehealth physicians and nurses at high-tech workstations deliver care to Veterans at 19 medical facilities across the country.

  • VA’s Tele-ICU: innovative care for rural Veterans

    At VA, we believe every Veteran should have access to […]

  • Inspire: ICU nurse makes a last wish come true

    Every day in VA hospitals nationwide, nurses dedicate themselves to […]

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