• Live Whole Health #147: Connecting Mind and Body, session 8

    What does connection mean to you? Sometimes we might feel connected to other people, nature, or something else bigger than ourselves. Other times we might feel disconnected. In these times, it can be helpful to reconnect with our body and mind.

  • Live Whole Health #146: Welcoming your guests – all of them

    The turkey is roasting. The house is in order. The table is set. What about the guests? Being surrounded by others is one of the greatest gifts of the season.

  • Live Whole Health #145: Tai Chi fundamentals: Standing side support

    Tai Chi offers a very gentle way to get the blood flowing and it is something you can do at home. If standing movement is not available to you, Tai Chi can also be done in a chair.

  • Live Whole Health #143: Breathing Practice

    Why would a breathing practice make sense? Easy. We can learn to use breath to calm our nervous system and bring us into the present moment. But it does take practice!

  • Live Whole Health #142: Seated mindful movement

    How are you incorporating mindful movement into your life? Join Yoga Teacher Matthew Sanford and Greater Los Angeles VA Physician Indira Subramanian, MD in this 9-minute video, which includes a seated mindful movement practice.

  • Live Whole Health #141: Sun Salutations

    Just as the sun rises every morning to give us light and warm our earth, sun salutations are a beautiful way to start our day.

  • #Live Whole Health #140: Acupressure for head and neck

    Do you have “text neck?” or pain in your head and neck? This acupressure for head and neck pain can help.

  • Live Whole Health #139: Lightening the load

    How often do you make things harder than they must or should be? This week's episode of #LiveWholeHealth is a progressive muscle relaxation to reduce stress and lighten your load. 

  • Live Whole Health #138: Seated Tai Chi basic moves

    When we have aches and pains, we often notice our body “talking” to us. This Tai Chi basic moves practice helps with those aches and pains before they begin.

  • #Live Whole Heath #137: Connecting mind and body #6

    Connecting mind and body is important for your overall whole health. Your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act and this is often called the “mind-body connection.” 

  • #LiveWholeHealth #136: Motion is lotion (for the joints!)

    Have you ever heard that saying, “motion is lotion?” Moving our bodies lubricates our joints with nutrient rich fluid. Mobility exercises can help maintain healthy joints and increase or maintain range-of-motion and flexibility.

  • #Live Whole Health #135: Relationships and mindfulness appreciation practice

    Relationships support our quality of life and contribute to our whole health. Relationships can affect our emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being. Connections to family, friends, community, and even animals can help reduce stress and improve physical and emotional well-being.

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