• Relief for chronic post-traumatic headaches

    Navy Veteran suffered post-traumatic headaches, severe TBI and anxiety. She found relief at VA’s Polytrauma System of Care in Virginia.

  • Live Whole Health: Self care episode #27 – Relaxation for headache

    If you’re looking for relief from headaches, you might be surprised to learn that just a few basic relaxation techniques can help prevent the frequency and severity of headache attacks.

  • Vets First Podcast S:1 E:2: Life after traumatic brain injury

    During his deployment, Doug Lanphier suffered a traumatic brain injury from a scud missile fragment while on an air base and lost consciousness.

  • New treatment for Veterans’ old headaches

    Prazosin, which is effective in treating PTSD-related trauma nightmares, sleep disruption and daytime hyperarousal, shows promise in preventing headaches following a concussion.

  • Veteran with TBI turns to VA for migraine relief

    The Polytrauma/TBI team at the Dallas VA is an interdisciplinary team with multiple services that helps Veterans recover from migraines and blast exposure.

  • Veterans who deployed are more likely to develop migraines or headache disorders

    The first step to treating service-related migraine is to visit a neurologist or headache specialist to rule out complications from a prior injury or the existence of another condition.

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