• PTSD Bytes #12: Mindfulness for Self-Care

    In this episode, host Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses mindfulness with Dr. Timothy J. Avery, clinical psychologist and readjustment counselor.

  • Live Whole Health #125: Grounding exercise and connecting with our senses

    This brief 3-minute grounding exercise will guide you through a simple process of slowing down, breathing, and connecting with your senses.

  • Health Coaching: Managing illness and loss, one breath at a time

    Army Veteran Elaine Knowles explained how Whole Health Coaching helped her manage during her late husband’s treatment and hospice care for Agent Orange related lung cancer.

  • Arkansas Veterans’ chair yoga helps with mobility, attitude

    Yoga classes increase Veterans' range of motion, improve blood circulation and muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve balance.

  • #Live Whole Health #102: Nourishment for self-care

    Self-care takes many forms, including nourishment, which makes us think of healthy food and drink. Have you considered other ways that you nourish your body such as vitamins and nature?

  • Live Whole Health #96: Turning off the autopilot

    How much of your life is on autopilot? According to a study of people who were asked to keep daily diaries, up to 45% reported that their activities were habits they performed almost daily and usually in the same location. In other words, almost half of their lives occurred without them thinking about it.

  • VA researcher exploring meditation as a therapy for PTSD

    Today, Lang is the director of the Center of Excellence for Stress and Mental Health at the VA San Diego Healthcare System. She’s also a professor at the University of California, San Diego. Her research and clinical work are focused on trauma-related disorders, including the use of complementary and alternative techniques, such as meditation, for treating PTSD.

  • VA Pittsburgh to open Integrative Oncology Clinic

    Integrative oncology combines complementary practices like yoga and acupuncture with conventional cancer care. A primary goal is to help prevent or lessen side effects from chemotherapy and surgery.

  • VA’s new Whole Health app

    Your Whole Health journey is now easier than ever with a new mobile app. It’s a free easy-to-use tool created for Veterans and others interested in taking charge of their health. User-friendly design.

  • Moving forward with stress management

    Navy Veteran John Leaf experienced a lot of stress in Vietnam. He dealt with it over the years by throwing himself into his work and looking for something to hide his stress. He found help at VA.

  • Live Whole Health #55: Body Mechanics and the Hip Hinge

    Body mechanics refers to the way you move during daily activities. Proper body mechanics can help reduce injury and pain. Good posture strengthens your body.

  • Meditation may help Veterans with PTSD

    Meditation may be able to help Veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder. Learn about a meditative practice available through VA called the Mantram Repetition Program. Also compassion meditation.

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