• Nursing graduates dive into simulation to improve Veteran care

    Nursing is the backbone of the health care industry. VA simulation is helping them get the training and confidence they need on the job.

  • #VeteranOfTheDay Army Veteran Nicole Kerkenbush

    Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is Army Veteran Nicole Kerkenbush, who served as a nurse for 24 years in the Army.

  • Nurse recruiter: Don’t wait, start your VA career today

    Nurse Laura Sarmiento recently appeared on “Talk About It Tuesday” to discuss the numerous opportunities for nurses at VA.

  • VA nurses make a difference in the lives of those around them

    At VA, we know our nurses are the backbone of Veteran care, but they also don’t hesitate to go the extra mile when it comes to helping others.

  • Ready to grow? VA offers nursing opportunities for education and training

    Between training and scholarships, it’s easy to see why VA is the largest employer of nurses in the United States. Find out more to grow your career!

  • HR expert offers insight into VA’s Travel Nurse Corps program

    Visiting our “Talk About It Tuesday” broadcast, San Juanita George shared with viewers the potential perks of working with the Travel Nurse Corps.

  • In their own words: Why nurses love working at VA

    Why do nurses love working at VA? Hear from them here, in their own words, and learn more about how you can join them.

  • Hear from an experienced VA nurse about this nursing residency program

    Amy Shaw continues to draw upon her experience from the RNTTP Residency Program 10 years later in her nursing career.

  • Take your career to new places with VA’s Travel Nurse Corps

    Explore the country, and VA, as a travel nurse. Through […]

  • VA nursing leadership makes new hires a top priority

    VA nursing leadership assesses the needs of new hires to properly set them up for success.

  • VA sets new hires up for success

    Are you looking for a new nursing position? VA has […]

  • Nurses needed to fill critical roles in Veteran care at Clarksburg VA

    Nurses are needed to fill critical roles in Veteran care at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center (VAMC) in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

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