If you’re exploring nursing opportunities at VA, don’t miss a recent interview with San Juanita George, a human resources liaison with VA’s Travel Nurse Corps (TNC).

George shared information about the TNC program and the benefits of working as a travel nurse on “Talk About It Tuesday” (TAIT), a livestream dedicated to discussing VA career opportunities and advice that airs each week at noon EDT on our LinkedIn page.

A distinctive opportunity

The TNC’s cadre of nurses work short-term assignments at VA facilities around the country — helping understaffed facilities maintain quality of care or supporting medical centers during times of emergency, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work with the TNC offers an opportunity for newcomers and veteran VA nurses alike.

“One of the goals is to retain nurses,” George shared. “We want to bring new nurses on, but we also want to retain nurses who have been with VA for a long time, who might be considering leaving.”

Unique benefits

“What I like to share when the nurses call me is that it’s really going to be different for everybody, because all the nurses are in different positions in their life,” George said as the discussion turned to the benefits of working in the TNC. “You have new nurses, you have nurses who have been doing this for a long time, so it’s really going to vary.”

Nurses in the TNC get to travel, meet new people, enjoy flexibility in their schedule and decide where they want to do their 13-week tour. It’s also a great growth opportunity.

“They get to see how other VAs do things, but it’s also an opportunity for them to share best practices,” George explained. “It’s very successful.”

The VA experience

“There’s a lot to love about VA,” she said. “The mission that we have is amazing. Serving our country, serving our Veterans. The mission is important, but while you’re doing this great mission, you also get to take advantage of all these great benefits.

George went on to describe the professional and personal advancements she has been able to make in her 16-year career with VA — her only career outside of her eight years in the Army. Thanks to VA’s educational opportunities, she has explored specialized training and leadership courses, while also moving into different jobs, a flexibility that she considers important.

Aside from the personal and professional benefits, George also took time to note that her team in particular has made working at VA an incredible experience.

“We have a great team,” she said. “We’re like a family, and we support each other. We understand the mission and do it well.”

Work at VA

If you’re looking to explore the country and meet a variety of Veterans who have served so diligently, consider an opportunity with the TNC.

By VA Careers

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Published on May. 10, 2022

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