• Enabling functional success for Veterans with amputations

    Clinic provides services to minimize disability and enable the highest level of functional, vocational and recreational success for Veterans with amputation.

  • VA biomedical engineer a pioneer in prosthetics technology

    Childress helped pioneer the myoelectric control system—a technology that applies electrical signals from muscles to activate prosthetic limbs.

  • VA offers Navy Veteran Ken Swartz, other amputees, innovative treatment

    Navy Veteran Ken Swartz is standing, walking and driving better these days thanks to Osseointegration, an innovative amputee treatment option.

  • Marine Veteran develops complex prosthetics for Veterans

    Prosthetic orthotist and Marine Veteran produces wide range of prosthetic devices for Veterans. Some exceed capabilities of most models today.

  • Kansas City VA’s new clinic largest in health care system

    New Kansas City VA clinic will provide multiple primary care and specialty services for Veterans. Reduces need to travel to main campus.

  • Community care specialists help Veteran amputee thrive

    VA’s Community Care Network helps Veteran amputee receive the care needed to become a competitive athlete. Marine Veteran Richard Alcaraz’ new outlook on life: “It made me feel like I had a purpose again.”

  • Veterans adapt and overcome thanks to New York VA prosthetics

    With everyone indoors this summer restricting physical activity, the New York Harbor Healthcare System’s prosthetics program – and the Veterans they serve – had to adapt and overcome.

  • Five innovative practices delivering results for Veterans

    The five innovations below we’re awarded 2020 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards for being forward thinking and delivering results for Veterans.

  • Study reports on satisfaction with upper-limb prostheses

    A survey of more than 400 Veteran users of upper-limb prostheses found little difference in satisfaction based on device type. Overall rankings fell just shy of "satisfied."

  • Improving access to specialty care with VA Video Connect

    Thanks to VA Video-Connect, Veteran Kenneth Turner does not have to drive four hours for his physical therapy. Video Connect lets Veterans connect with their provider from home, work, anywhere.

  • Mobile OPS pilot looks to expand VA prosthetic care

    Matthew lost part of his left leg while serving in Iraq. VA Puget Sound developed a program to help patients, like Matthew, who have travel challenges and need prosthetic care.

  • 3D printing solutions exceed Veterans’ expectations

    With the help of the Prosthetics Service and 3d printing at the San Antonio VA, Army Veteran David Cromwell has cultivated a passion for sharpshooting.

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