• Improving Reproductive Health for Women with PTSD

    PTSD affects many areas of a woman’s life, including relationships, work, sleep and even reproductive health. Dr. Nillni’s research aims to understand the ways that trauma and PTSD impact women in their childbearing years, and especially during and right after pregnancy. Her research helps women get better care for PTSD during pregnancy, which benefits their families too.

  • Actor Mikal Vega Combats Post Traumatic Stress through Vital Warrior Non Profit

    Actor Mikal Vega combats mild TBI and Post Traumatic Stress through yoga and started the Vital Warrior non profit to help other Veterans.

  • How a Vietnam Veteran overcame PTSD and survivor’s guilt

    Air Force and Vietnam War Veteran Dave Hanson came home to flashbacks, nightmares, and more. Here, he recounts how VA treatment helped him to recover.

  • Veterans, service members find stress relief through community concerts and events

    While cheering crowds, roaring music and shaking stadiums may not sound like an ideal environment for those struggling with post-traumatic stress, many Veterans are finding relief in attending these types of events.

  • Improving Veterans’ mental health through physical therapy

    Exercise and physical activity are essential to both a healthy […]

  • A little can go a long way in suicide prevention

    For too many Veterans and service members suffering from post-traumatic […]

  • Battle In Their Hearts

    Recognizing the signs of PTS and PTSD could save a life in crisis.

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