Vital Warrior non profit founder and CEO, Mikal Vega, is a Navy SEAL (Ret) and a 22-year combat Veteran. He’s also a professional actor – you may have seen him on screen in the hit Mayans M.C. television series, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Vital Warrior founder Mikal Vega

Actor and Navy Veteran Mikal Vega founded the non-profit Vital Warrior to help other Veterans.

Vega has walked the tough road from trauma to recovery after suffering a combat-related injury from an exploded IED that caused severe cervical trauma, ulnar nerve damage, and a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury that went untreated for many years.

He only realized the extent of his injuries later when he struggled in his daily life and in his personal relationships. Through a series of healing modalities that became the basis of his recovery, Vega realized he could help his fellow Veterans and their families.

The Modern Warrior Mindset

When Vega transitioned to civilian life and dealt with post-traumatic stress, he took up the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Now he shares what’s he’s learned through his Vital Warrior 501c3 Organization.

Vital Warrior takes a discipline-oriented and regimented approach to yoga practice, which Vega now teaches in Venice, CA, offering free classes to Veterans.

Veteran Navy Seal Mikal Vega, founder of Vital Warrior

Retired Navy Seal Mikal Vega shown in uniform.

Vega empowers his students to reject the victim mindset and take responsibility for their health. In the military community in particular, that often means breaking through pre-conceived notions about yoga, breaking the stigma about practices like meditation, and introducing the modern warrior mindset into peaceful practices.

Free RA MA TV for Veterans

Veterans are eligible for a free RA MA TV membership for the Vital Warrior Channel. Email to coordinate your complimentary membership.

Walking the Road from Trauma to Recovery

Veterans who suffer from PTS and TBI often disassociate from their families, friends and even themselves. Vega believes they need a personalized approach to their healing. Vital Warrior’s vision and mission is to help clients reconnect to their lives, their families and their communities, and with the implementation of Kundalini Yoga, eliminating the mindset that primarily views the cultivation of divine creativity as a “soft or feminine” technique. That technique, he says, has little place in the warrior mindset, when in actuality it balances the destructive forces developed over a decade of war.


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Published on Dec. 1, 2020

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