• Vet Centers: 42 years of serving Veterans

    Vet Centers were established to support the significant number of Vietnam-era Veterans who were not accessing VA services. They provide readjustment counseling and many other services.

  • VA, Labor Department team up to support Veteran employment

    VA and the U.S. Department of Labor are joining forces to help Veterans who are facing homelessness secure and maintain employment.

  • Finding Peace on the Other Side of the World

    A Veteran shares advice based on his experiences after deployment and integration back to civilian life.

  • Easter Seals to Provide Support for Caregivers

    VA partners with the non-profit Easter Seals to offer better support to Veterans and their families through caregiver services.

  • America’s Heroes: Caregivers Get More Support

    VA and Easter Seals partner to provide training to Family Caregivers. A program application for services is available for injured post-9/11 Veterans.

  • Private School Tuition Cap Looms Over Vets

    A VA employee explores the private school tuition cap from the new GI Bill legislation, and the impact it might have on Veterans.

  • Columbia, ROTC, and the Civilian-Military Divide

    With the ROTC debates at Columbia University, attention has been drawn to the civilian-military divide. An Iraq veteran shares his views on the situation.

  • Secretary Shinseki Talks Education and Change at VA

    VA Secretary Shinseki urges Vets attending college to graduate, speaking of the obstacles and solutions in progress to aid veterans in this mission.

  • The Civilian-Veteran Gap Widens Further?

    A look at the civilian-Veteran divide in relation to events at Columbia University and debate on the return of ROTC.

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