• Better sleep can help Veterans with PTSD

    PTSD and sleep are so closely linked that treating sleep issues can make PTSD treatment more effective. Sleep-specific treatment is important.

  • Healthy habits: You have it in you

    You have it in you. Rediscover your best health using tools gained during your time in the service. VA can help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Live Whole Health #81: Managing sleep with acupressure

    Many things can affect the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our sleep patterns can change as we age and not everybody requires the same amount of sleep. Some people may sleep through the night, but they do not feel refreshed when they wake up. Sometimes after several nights of poor sleep, people may begin to worry or feel anxious anticipating another night of struggle. Acupressure, along with your other medical care, may be useful to support your sleep.

  • Studying sleep problems that affect Veterans

    Neurologist specializes in treating sleep disorders. Program aims to understand sleep and the impact that poor sleep can have on the brain and body. And how sleep is affected by TBI and PTSD.

  • Some tips to help you sleep

    Insomnia can develop due to stress. Loss of sleep itself can become a new stressor. Here are some sleep strategies that can help keep sleep on track and prevent insomnia disorder.

  • Trouble sleeping? Facebook Live event to offer expert help

    Quality sleep is a critical health issue. Learn more at a Facebook Live Event on September 4. Experts will discuss the many tools and technologies available today to help Veterans with sleep issues.

  • Online CBT-i and finding your path to better sleep

    Studies have shown that online CBT-i effectively treats insomnia, and in some cases, it may be just as effective as in-person therapy to treat insomnia.

  • Understanding and treating Sleep Disorders

    Having trouble falling or staying asleep? 50% of Veterans enrolling in VA health care have insomnia. This VA tool can help you find sleep treatment.

  • Sleeping better, feeling better: Proven treatments for insomnia are more effective than sleep medications

    Sleepless nights are not uncommon, but if they persist for weeks at a time and impact your life, it could be that insomnia, nightmares or other sleep problems are affecting your well-being.

  • Tips for getting a better night’s sleep for Veterans with PTSD

    It’s important to seek treatment for trauma-related sleep difficulties. With treatment, Veterans can work to improve sleep difficulties and get more restful sleep.

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