Many things can affect the ability to fall and stay asleep. Our sleep patterns can change as we age and not everybody requires the same amount of sleep. Some people may sleep through the night, but they do not feel refreshed when they wake up. Sometimes, after several nights of poor sleep, people may begin to worry or feel anxious anticipating another night of struggle. Acupressure, along with your other medical care, may be useful to support your sleep.

Acupressure is commonly used to improve sleep. Acupressure and acupuncture tend to have a soothing effect. When specific points are used to support sleep, that soothing effect is enhanced.

This simple acupressure routine, directed at calming and relaxing your body and your mind, may assist your sleep and can be done multiple times a day – and before bed. Like with other approaches and skills, using acupressure more regularly may lead to better results. With practice, the protocol will become more familiar and easier to incorporate into your daily routine.

Try this 11-minute acupressure routine with Laurieanne Nabinger, RN, Seattle VA Medical Center to help support your own healthy sleep patterns.

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To recharge means to re-energize by sleeping, resting and relaxing. To live well and enjoy life, your body needs to have enough of these each day. Sleep, rest and relaxation refresh your body and mind. Both your body and mind need enough sleep to work properly. A good balance between activity and rest improves your health and well-being. The resources and tools offered here will help you find new ways to recharge:

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By Laurieanne Nabinger, RN, LEAMP, MAcOM; Stephanie Gregory, DACM, LAc., Dipl.OM; Sharon Weinstein, MD, MT, FAAHMP; Juli Olson, DC, DACM

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Published on Jul. 26, 2021

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