• Live Whole Health #145: Tai Chi fundamentals: Standing side support

    Tai Chi offers a very gentle way to get the blood flowing and it is something you can do at home. If standing movement is not available to you, Tai Chi can also be done in a chair.

  • Live Whole Health #138: Seated Tai Chi basic moves

    When we have aches and pains, we often notice our body “talking” to us. This Tai Chi basic moves practice helps with those aches and pains before they begin.

  • Live Whole Health #134: Seated Tai Chi basic moves

    Balance. Inner peace. Physical and emotional health. These are some of the possible benefits of a regular Tai Chi practice.

  • Live Whole Health #132: Tai Chi Warm-Ups

    Tai Chi is a simple mind/body practice, and these warm-ups enhance relaxation, calm and focus the mind, improve sleep, posture, strength, flexibility and balance.

  • Arkansas Veterans’ chair yoga helps with mobility, attitude

    Yoga classes increase Veterans' range of motion, improve blood circulation and muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve balance.

  • From hypnosis to acupuncture, holistic approach works for Veterans

    Research has shown a holistic approach to be effective for chronic pain, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety and more.

  • Live Whole Health #114: Tai Chi seated cloud hands

    The Tai Chi cloud hands movement form is a common postural exercise to relax the neck and shoulders, and increase blood flow within the body.

  • Live Whole Health #111: Tai Chi and the 7-posture series

    If your doctor says you need move more or de-stress, consider trying Tai Chi and this 7-posture series. It very well may help.

  • Live Whole Health #107: Tai Chi warmup

    If there were a gentle activity you could add to your life that could improve your balance, reduce pain, and even improve your overall quality of life, would you give it a try? Consider this Tai Chi warmup.

  • Physical therapy important for aging Veteran population

    Physical therapy is an alternative to surgery, prevents injury, reduces pain and restores independence, especially for older Veterans.

  • Live Whole Health #91: Seated Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise. Seated Tai Chi is accessible to most bodies, regardless of age or fitness level.

  • Live Whole Health #86: Tai Chi and physical movement

    Physical activity, whether done sitting or standing, uses your energy to move the large muscles in your body. Different activities produce different benefits: increasing strength, flexibility, endurance or mobility. But the benefits aren't only physical. Movement can help energize us while also helping to reduce stress, too.

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