• PTSD Bytes #18: Trauma, emotions and relationship skills

    Dr. Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses how trauma impacts emotions and relationships with clinical psychologists at the National Center for PTSD.

  • PTSD: When someone shares a trauma

    You may not know what to say when someone you care about shares a PTSD trauma story. Learn tips to have a conversation that offers support.

  • Relief for chronic post-traumatic headaches

    Navy Veteran suffered post-traumatic headaches, severe TBI and anxiety. She found relief at VA’s Polytrauma System of Care in Virginia.

  • PTSD Bytes #11: PTSD resources for family members

    In this episode Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses PTSD resources for family and loved ones with Dr. Steven Sayers, director of Coaching into Care.

  • PTSD Screening Day: Knowing is the first step

    National Center for PTSD is launching PTSD Screening Day, encouraging Veterans who experienced trauma to start a conversation about recovery.

  • PTSD Bytes #9: What is trauma?

    Clinical psychologist Pearl McGee-Vincent discusses trauma with Dr. Debra Kaysen, research scientist at the National Center for PTSD.

  • Peter M. Rhee: Navy Surgeon

    Dr. Peter M. Rhee served for 24 years, working as a Navy surgeon. He is known for saving many lives at a 2011 shooting in Tucson.

  • Music therapy: Readjustment doesn’t have to be a solo

    Music therapy shows Veterans that readjustment doesn’t have to be a solo performance. Here’s two fellow combat Veterans jamming.

  • PTSD Bytes #3: What is PTSD?

    Dr. Sonya Norman, clinical psychologist, National Center for PTSD, describes PTSD, what it can look like and how recovery is possible.

  • Have a conversation about your risk factors for heart disease

    Have a conversation with your provider about your risk factors for heart disease, especially if you are coping with stress, PTSD, or trauma.

  • Provider webinar: New Beyond MST mobile app enhances treatment for survivors

    This webinar will introduce Beyond MST, a new mobile mental health app designed for MST survivors and those who care for them.

  • Chats with the Chief: VA researcher Dr. Terry Keane talks about his career in PTSD research

    In this week’s Chats with the Chief, VHA Chief of Staff Jon Jensen talks PTSD with Dr. Terry Keane of the VA National Center for PTSD.

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