• VA and Elizabeth Dole Foundation host National Caregiver Convening

    Elizabeth Dole Foundation and VA partnership reflects belief that caregivers are essential to Veterans’ care and have earned our gratitude.

  • American Kidney Fund: Diversity and inclusion for Veterans

    Estimate: Chronic kidney disease affects one-in-six Veterans. There are currently approximately 500,000 Veterans diagnosed with CKD.

  • VA and The Green Chair Project provide newly housed Veterans with household necessities

    The partnership between Durham VA and The Green Chair Project provides Veterans well-equipped homes that can nurture and sustain individuals,

  • VA and Heroes Foundation create employment opportunities for Veterans

    The Heroes Foundation partnership educates corporate employers about VA resources that can help improve Veterans’ health and wellbeing.

  • VA and South Carolina: Pandemic partners

    Importance of organizations and communities coming together in trying times is confirmed by this relationship between VA and South Carolina.

  • Sick Marine Corps Veteran evacuated from Caribbean island

    Marine Corps Veteran Donald Germann survived a hurricane with 180 to 190 mph winds, but his chronic medical issues needed immediate care. Here’s how a VA partnership got him to safety.

  • Partnership assists Veterans with Parkinson’s disease

    Vietnam Veteran nurse Lou Eisenbrandt would treat everything from malaria to massive head traumas in the Chu Lai 91st Evac Hospital. Today, her primary advocacy is more personal: Parkinson’s disease.

  • Looking for a lung cancer “battle buddy?”

    VA’s partnership with GO2 Foundation increases awareness about lung cancer screening options and helps Veterans impacted by the disease. Adding to the lung disease supportive services VA offers.

  • The fight against Veterans’ lung diseases

    VA diagnoses 7,700 Veterans with lung cancer each year and an estimated 900,000 remain at risk due to age, smoking and other environmental exposures during and after military service.

  • Partnership feeds 500 Veterans over holidays

    A special partnership helped feed 500 Veterans and families in Salt Lake City. An army of volunteers handed out holiday meals donated by the community. A Veteran was glad he was still remembered.

  • America’s Warrior Partnership helps close resource gaps for Veterans

    America's Warrior Partnership closes gaps between national resources and local Veterans, a partnership with the VA is expanding the reach of this mission to more communities nationwide.

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