• Fighting battles, finding peace – my grandfather and me

    A retired officer describes his grandfather’s struggles with PTSD, then his own battles with the same condition after Afghanistan. Reflecting on their similar trials, he is grateful for his treatment.

  • Asking for help doesn’t make you weak

    Therapy does not mean we are weak. There is nothing more powerful for healing than sharing stories. It helps Veterans find the root cause of problems while finding solutions to address those challenges.

  • A Veteran’s perspective on the challenges of transition

    Retired Army Sergeant Major Jason Beighley says leaving the security blanket of the military culture was tough. He shares the three major things he has learned since retiring.

  • VA recruitment video shines light on Veterans Crisis Line responders

    Any one of us can have a setback in life […]

  • New videos showcase choices, National Guard, Reserve

    Two new public service announcements show picking up the phone may lighten someone’s load and the unique role of the National Guard and Reserve.

  • Make a difference in Veterans’ lives as a crisis line responder

    Want to make a different? Apply for one of 40 open positions as a Health Science Specialist at the Veteran Crisis Line for responder.

  • Emphasis on Suicide Prevention

    HARLINGEN, Texas — Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system […]

  • Topeka site for the Veterans Crisis Line celebrates 1-year birthday

    This month we recognize and celebrate the 1-year birthday of the Topeka site for the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL).

  • Hey look what the VA did to the elevators

    HARLINGEN, Texas — Many Veterans and their families will notice an obvious […]

  • AMVETS recognizes VA employee for work on suicide prevention

    Dr. Megan McCarthy, deputy director for VA’s Suicide Prevention Program, was honored with an AMVETS Silver Helmet Award.

  • The value of recognizing Vietnam Veterans 50 years later

    Separating the service member, soldier and Veteran from the politics of the war is the true, lasting legacy of Vietnam. And it starts with a much appreciated “thank you for your service.”

  • Handling PTSD during the holidays

    According to psychologist Michael Terman, as many as 60 million […]

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