• Virtual events offer tangible results

    The Department of Veterans Affairs continues to expand offerings to […]

  • Montana virtual event serves Veterans in Big Sky Country

    Army Veteran George Werhonig needed a person to listen to his concerns to serve him. Ashley Hernandez, a Veteran services officer with the Montana Veterans Affairs Division, turned out to be that person.

  • Veterans, family members have single page to get started for VA benefits, services information

    Veteran and family member can access to benefits and services at www.va.gov/getstarted and through two handbooks on the page.

  • Virtual Veterans Experience Action Center reaches 383 Veterans in Kentucky

    From July 13th through 15th, VA partnered with the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs, United Way 211, and other community partners to host the latest V-VEAC in Kentucky. This event provided immediate action on the needs of 383 Veterans.

  • How VA listens and responds to Veteran feedback

    VA's service recovery and customer service efforts are focused on listening and responding to Veterans' feedback with action.

  • Improving the Customer Experience for Veterans at VA

    VA continuously works to improve the customer experience for Veterans, using data, tools and technology to listen, learn, lean in and reach out.

  • New site offers Veterans, family members VA benefits, services information

    The VA developed a new website landing page to increase Veteran and family member access to benefits and services at www.va.gov/getstarted.

  • Improving patient check-in for Veterans

    VA is using Veteran feedback to make improvements, like the Lexington VA focusing on improving the patient check-in process for Veteran patients.

  • Veterans Experience Office uses customer feedback to build trust in VA

    “The VA has paid special attention to Veteran feedback and has endeavored to improve the overall experience of the agency’s regular customers. This has been reflected by a substantial rise in reported Veteran satisfaction from 2015 to 2019, which nearly doubled," said Surafeal Asgedom, Chief of VA Modernization.

  • 8th Annual Hiring Red, White and You Veteran Job Fair

    8th Annual Hiring Red White and You Veteran Job Fair held statewide in Texas for Veterans and their spouses.

  • Partnership for Public Service credits VA for customer experience improvements

    The study also credits improved Veteran trust of the department to recent customer experience programs within the Veterans Health Administration. In September 2019, 88% of Veterans nationwide said they “trust the VA for their health care needs” when responding to an outpatient health care survey, up from 85% two years earlier. The percentage of Veterans who said they trust the VA to fulfill our country’s commitment to Veterans increased to 72% in April 2019, from 59% in July 2016.

  • Patient Experience Roadshow shares Veteran feedback with VA employees

    Patient Experience Roadshow teaches NY VA staff about moments that matter to Veterans for continuous improvement efforts.

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