The American Heart Association celebrates “Move More Month” to promote increasing your daily activity and improving your physical wellbeing.

If you’re looking for ways to get moving to improve your health, check out VA’s MOVE! Coach app.

MOVE! Coach: 16 weeks to a healthier you

MOVE! Coach is a mobile app that provides easy access to a 16-week weight management and lifestyle program.

There are 16 different modules, one for each week of the program. You can move through the app at your own pace. The app helps you achieve success through educational resources and videos, self-management tools and more.

“It’s about making lifestyle changes and using behavioral strategies to support those changes,” said Dr. Susan Raffa, national program director for Weight Management.

Tools like goal setting, reward systems, making plans and anticipating possible barriers are all skills the MOVE! Coach teaches you how to master. “Although it’s a weight-management app, it’s focused on lifestyle changes that Veterans can sustain long-term and see benefits,” Raffa said.

A program that works for you

VA designed MOVE! Coach for Veterans, but anyone interested in improving their health with weight management can benefit from the app. “What sets MOVE! Coach apart from other diet and activity apps is the strong educational support,” said Lori Carlson, registered dietitian nutritionist and MOVE! program analyst.

MOVE! Coach’s self-management guides explain what changes you can make and why those changes are effective. This allows users to “gain insight into their own behaviors and guides them on setting small, achievable goals,” said Carlson.

Retired Air Force Veteran Christy Blaum said MOVE! provided tools and accountability that supported her successful health journey. “Being willing to change your lifestyle habits is the key,” Blaum said. 34 pounds lighter, Blaum said, “I still use the MOVE! Coach app to keep me on track daily.”

Download the MOVE! Coach to take your wellness journey to the next level.

By Treva Lutes is the communications director of the VA Office of Connected Care

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Published on May. 5, 2022

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