• Get moving with the MOVE! Coach app

    Download the MOVE! Coach app to boost your daily activity and improve your health for Move More Month.

  • #VADidThat: A weight management program that’s so much more

    MOVE! is a weight management and health promotion program designed to improve the lives of Veterans like this Marine and Vietnam War Veteran.

  • Just released: New overweight/obesity guidelines

    VA’s MOVE! team helped update the VA-DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines. Veterans can be confident that VA regularly evaluates the evidence for the care they provide. It’s available online.

  • Annie messages support Veterans on their weight loss journey

    Annie for Veterans is VA’s automated text messaging service that helps Veterans meet their health goals. Here’s how it helps two Veterans by sending them text reminders to manage their weight.

  • Two Veterans share their weight loss efforts with the the help of VA’s MOVE! weight management program

    The program is designed for Veterans who are currently overweight or obese, with a BMI of 25 or greater. The meetings are a time for nutrition and physical activity education along with a weekly weigh-in.

  • Texas Veteran use MOVE! program to lose weight and keep the pounds off

    If you are serious about weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle, the VA MOVE Program is the way to go. For me it was, and is, a quality of life choice.

  • Mobile app helps Veteran drop weight and live healthily

    ​U.S. Navy Veteran Richard Dalton readily admits one of his biggest limitations while trying to lose weight was himself.

  • VA dietitian offers healthy tips for the holidays

    f your holidays are anything like mine, you will give plenty of thanks for the food you eat and the shared company of family and friends. Both of my grandfathers served during World War II, and they made it very clear to me to cherish the holidays with my loved ones, and to thank those who have served and who are unable to be with their loved ones during the holidays.

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