When Siso Ntuli first read about Salesforce Military, he thought the gamified training program was too good to be true. Now, he is a Salesforce Administrator, with three certifications and working toward completing his fourth.

“Since starting Salesforce Military, my career has been on a constant upward trajectory,” he said. “It’s amazing how Salesforce can really transform and grow people’s lives and careers.”

Salesforce Military provides a captivating, gamified learning experience for active-duty service members, Reserve, Guard, Veterans, and military spouses interested in launching and growing a successful career in technology.

The learning platform was launched in 2014. Since then, 40,000 military community members signed up for this free program to develop skills needed for a career in the technology field. The program has helped place more than 1,200 members into high-paying jobs.

Game-like elements improve performance

The learning platform, called “Trailhead,” includes game-like elements that add interest and improve performance.

Veterans can sign up for the Salesforce Military program for free, which includes training on Trailhead and other benefits. Anyone can sign up for a free Trailhead account by visiting the online Trailhead platform and using their Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or other accounts to sign up.

The partnership between VA and Salesforce provides Veterans with more information about VA services and benefit eligibility, and it connects them to resources on skill development, career advancement and employment.

Working with VA, Salesforce also developed the VA Benefits for Veterans learning module, which is free and available to anyone, including Veterans, military spouses and caregivers. This training, already accessed by more than 2,000 people, provides an overview of Veteran benefits and how to access them.

Plus, it covers VA resources across social determinants of health, such as economic stability and health literacy.

Continued using after first certification

Ntuli found Trailhead a more engaging experience compared with other online training platforms. “Outside of gaming, I would say, this is a completely new experience, especially from a learning standpoint,” he said.

When participants begin their journey, Trailhead provides them with a clear learning path – known as trails – toward completing their certification. Ntuli says that Salesforce Military’s gamified experience encouraged him to continue using the program even after completing his first certification.

Along the trails are learning modules for participants to expand their skills and knowledge on the subject. After completing a learning module, participants receive a badge and points to signify their progress toward completing the trail.

Trailhead is self-paced. Modules take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to complete, depending on the individual. Materials range from informational to technical.

“Tech scares people, but you can absolutely do it.”

By completing each learning module on the trail and receiving 50,000 points and 100 badges, the participant becomes a “ranger.” According to Ntuli, most participants feel prepared for the certification exam once they achieve ranger status.

“Tech scares people, but Trailhead provides a clear learning path,” he said. “You can absolutely do it and have a blossoming career after your military career.”

To learn more about the VHA National Center for Healthcare Advancement and Partnerships, which manages the partnership between VA and Salesforce Military, visit https://www.va.gov/healthpartnerships.

Read more about Salesforce Military here: https://veterans.force.com/s/.

By Dr. Tracy L. Weistreich is the nurse executive for the VHA National Center for Healthcare Advancement & Partnerships

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Published on May. 28, 2022

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