Army and Army Reserve Veteran Maple Davis first started using My HealtheVet, VA’s online patient portal, when it launched in 2003. She was an instant fan. And now, as a volunteer with Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Davis encourages the Veterans she works with to use the portal.

“I tell every Veteran I talk to that if you’re not on My HealtheVet, you need to sign up because it is the absolute best way to communicate with your providers, to get things done and to learn information,” Davis said.

“Best thing since cheese was invented”

As an early adopter of My HealtheVet, Davis was thrilled when the portal added more features, such as Secure Messaging and managing VA appointments. “When VA added more features, I thought, ‘Yes, this is the best thing since cheese was invented!’”

Davis says My HealtheVet helps her avoid long lines at the pharmacy for prescriptions and long commutes to the VA facility. Instead, she can use My HealtheVet to request VA prescription refills and to exchange Secure Messages with her provider online.

Davis also subscribed to the My HealtheVet newsletter to learn more about health issues that affect her and other Veterans she knows.

Mental health apps and more

As a Veteran with anxiety, depression and PTSD, Davis relies on VA Mobile apps, such as Mindfulness Coach and PTSD Coach, to help manage her mental health. She also uses Insomnia Coach, MOVE! Coach and many other apps.

Along with using apps to manage her mental health, Davis enrolled in support groups for anxiety, depression and PTSD. Secure Messages from her health care teams keep her up to date on support group activities and local programs that may be beneficial for her care.

Davis wore many hats during her 26 years in the Army. She served as a clerk, a librarian, an instructor and a mechanic. When she returned to civilian life, she began volunteering as a front desk receptionist at a VA Medical Center. She provided information, offered guidance and helped Veterans get to their appointments. She later became a DAV volunteer, helping Veterans and their families submit claims and navigate VA’s many systems. Davis says that using My HealtheVet and other VA apps for her own care has helped her provide guidance to the Veterans she serves.

“It’s given me the information that I need to help them. It’s given me the expertise that I need,” she added.

Davis enjoys making a positive impact on Veterans’ lives. “Seeing Veterans get the benefits and health care they have earned… that is the most rewarding thing that can happen.”

To learn more about My HealtheVet and other VA apps, visit My HealtheVet and VA Mobile.

By Treva Lutes

Communications lead, VA Office of Connected Care

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Published on Nov. 8, 2022

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  1. C James November 14, 2022 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    I use My HealtheVet. For some reason, it doesn’t have anywhere to get through to Community Care in my area. Also, the drop down menu is still stuck on States where I used to live. I am unable to change the drop down to the VA facilities in my area where I live. It’s very frustrating.

  2. CD Simion Sr November 10, 2022 at 5:58 pm - Reply

    Wow,I am really happy to see at least one person that is happy with their VA care. Because I have been going to the VA for over 20 years and after having to go through 5 pain management appointments and 2 weeks in the PTSD INCARE at the VA hospital in Tomah. I’m going to be 65 next week and what do I have to look forward to, more b.s. from yet another pain management Dr. You would think that at my age and all of the tests and testing that I have been through, that my primary provider would just treat me like a human being and continue my medical care as it has been discussed y different times already. I honestly don’t even know why they continue to keep me so stressed out about what else that they can think of to do to me except for just treating me like the past 6 Dr’s have treated me before this PA got my care.I hate the way I am treated and I am constantly stressed out about what she can come up with next. I just want to live with out the stress of being discriminated against because of my condition.

    • Maple Davis November 16, 2022 at 7:28 pm - Reply

      You have to demand the medications that You have been getting positive results from and if You are needing help with getting Your provider to write Your scripts as before see Your Patient Advocate. I am 66 years old that is why I use secure messaging mostly to write my providers. I am too old and beat up to be going through changes. Do not be discouraged and do not for any reason give up on getting the benefits You have earned.

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