It’s our mission to train and educate the next generation of health care professionals. That’s why over 65% of all US-trained physicians, and nearly 70% of VA physicians train in VA prior to employment. In an unyielding effort to improve the quality of VA care, the Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) oversees clinical training programs and develops policy for over 40 health professions. Through effective clinical learning environments, we strive to continuously attract and retain the highest quality professional staff who identify and develop new specialized clinical training opportunities.


To learn more and explore VA’s expansive clinical health professions training programs please view the following links:


Learn more about the Office of Academic Affiliations here. And if you have already received your training and education, begin your search for career opportunities in your area today.



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Published on Feb. 17, 2017

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  1. Victor Sellers February 19, 2017 at 12:57 am

    I have only seen one American doctor the years I have been going to the VA, and my file laid on her fax machine for you weeks before I saw her, and she had no idea. The ones I had in Vietnam misdiagnosed me, and the ones in the states improperly treated my conditions, not understand the importance. Without going into the whole month in the hospital and medical evacuation out of Vietnam, being nondeployable, permanent level 3 profile, and rehospitalization for continued deterioration, I see why my obvious exposure claim was denied. My claim was one of those sacrificed in order to protect the inept unskilled doctors. They were American, and Must have been trained through the VA, but boy did they get it wrong. Of course denying I even complained, or was hospitalized, treated, or even had a medical condition can only come out of an insane person’s mouth, and rater that didn’t read the files, or a rater grooming the CEO for a big bonus from the stockholders. It is a real shame the backlog is intentionally created. When a rater over rides the doctor, there is going to be a conflict.

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