VA recently thanked nine Veteran friendly communities from across the country to highlight community-based efforts of improving the Veteran outcomes. These communities, who pioneered the joint community/VA partnerships called Community Veteran Engagement Boards have maximized their collective impact of local services, stakeholders, and federal/state agencies working together to improve Veteran outcomes where they live, work, and raise their families.

Deputy Secretary Bowman and Chief Veterans Experience Officer Dr. Lynda Davis address the AWP Task Force

Deputy Secretary Bowman and Chief Veterans Experience Officer Dr. Lynda Davis address the AWP Task Force

VA has assisted in the development of 141 Community Veteran Engagement Boards (CVEB) across the country and is spurring the formation of many more. View the entire CVEB list by clicking here.

The appreciation event occurred in Washington, D.C., on May 25, 2018, at the second America’s Warrior Partnership Community Veterans Engagement Board Task Force. As a result of a memorandum of understanding between the VA and America’s Warrior Partnership, the Community Veterans Engagement Board Task Force was formed bringing together 24 representatives and leaders from the government, including national Veteran and military service organizations and service providers, with 40 percent of membership from organizations representing community collectives.

“I support what you’re doing here today and I am very grateful for AWP’s leadership in facilitating this,” said Dr. Lynda Davis. As the chief Veterans experience officer for VA, Davis is charged with capturing the voice of the Veteran, which includes community engagement. The Veterans Experience Office then amplifies that voice, enabling VA to improve the overall Veterans experience while ensuring that Veterans, their caregivers, families and survivors remain at the center of focus.

During the task force meeting, nine Community Veterans Engagement Boards received the Veteran-Friendly Communities Appreciation Certificate, presented by VA Deputy Secretary Thomas Bowman.

Northern Shenandoah Valley CVEB Winchester, Virginia
Coastal Carolina Veterans Coalition Jacksonville, North Carolina
Upstate Veterans Alliance Network Greenville, South Carolina
MyVA Pikes Peak Colorado Springs, Colorado
Northeast Ohio Veterans Community Task Force Cleveland, Ohio
San Antonio Coalition for Veterans and Families San Antonio, Texas
Military and Veterans in Greater Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Orange County Veterans and Military Families Collaboration Orange County, California


Americas Warrior Partnership Task Force includes Community #Veterans Engagement Boards, Veteran and Military Service Organizations as well as non-governmental organizations

Americas Warrior Partnership Task Force includes Community #Veterans Engagement Boards, Veteran and Military Service Organizations as well as non-governmental organizations

Bowman amplified VA’s support and the importance of the Veteran friendly communities. “You’re doing exactly what is needed to bridge what is being done here in Washington… you’re going to help shape how we continue to enhance the ability to affect positively what needs to be done by VA in the community,” he said.

The task force participants and the Veteran friendly communities are establishing standardized measurements, benchmarks and objectives, which are achievable and meaningful regardless of the community’s demographics, population size.

Donald Carter from the Jacksonville, North Carolina, CVEB shared that “without community involvement and the other organizations that are out there, VA can’t do their job. That’s where this all comes together, as this coalition, this group.“

The framework developed by these Veteran-community innovators will serve as a best practice guidebook, to inspire other communities as they rally their Veteran stakeholders to improve the overall Veterans experience for their Veteran neighbors.

Learn more about Community Veteran Engagement Boards by clicking here. To see more photos from the event, visit the online photo gallery.

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Published on May. 25, 2018

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  1. Vietvet1 June 7, 2018 at 8:14 am

    I have to say that I live in a remarkable area of CONUS when it comes to VA Appreciation and VA Care… A report was done over a year ago to rate the VA Medical System with STARS… 1 being lowest rated to 5 Stars. Of the 15 VA Medical Centers listed as 5 STAR… I live within 90 min. of 4 of them… Pittsburgh, Butler, Erie from VISN 4 and Cleveland in VISN 10. Within this area is a high amount of military retirees as well as many National Guard and Reserve Units who had been deployed to the “Sand Box” over the years. All the communities do their best to support and welcome our Military/Veteran population and the VA has done well to cover their needs as well.
    .Oh, and I am a Veteran… 7 years Army with 2 1/2 consecutive years in South Vietnam…1969-71. I have seen the growth and improvement of both my community and the VAMC’s for Veterans since coming home in the 70’s. “1000%” better. And NO I am not a paid employee of anyone… I speak what I personally live.

  2. Charlene Sloan June 1, 2018 at 11:00 am

    I am a veteran and live in Las Vegas where I use the veteran services on a regular basis. I want to say that the care that I receive from the Las Vegas VA is remarkable and I never feel neglected or needing more. The medical staff is remarkable, I never have a long wait for an appointment, and I receive return phone calls almost always. I love my doctors, especially those in orthopedics and think they deserve recognition for their excellent care. Thank you.

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