Richard Tremaine, Associate Director of VA Eastern Colorado and an Air Force Veteran, found his calling after an inspirational experience at his local VA hospital. Richard decided to leave his career as a stock broker to serve his fellow Veterans at VA. Within a few days, he knew he had made the right choice.

During his time with VA, Richard established two prosthetic services where none had existed before, and after 16 years, accepted an executive leadership position. He has traveled to eleven VA facilities in nine different locations and reports that “after so many years, [VA] is the total package as far as opportunity for a career and career path.”

“Taking a job with VA as a Veteran is incredibly satisfying,” Richard explains, “and puts a mission and purpose into people’s lives—something many Veterans struggle with in the civilian world.” Looking back on his first day of hospital training as a prosthetic rep, Richard recalls helping a Veteran with a prosthetic item and in that moment, feeling an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

“Patients at VA appreciate receiving care from other Veterans,” says Richard. “It creates an automatic bond because we have all had very similar experiences. It’s like a brother and sisterhood.” Those bonds have helped Richard mentor many young executives throughout his career—young executives who are also Veterans. Some of them have been severely injured and benefit from the guidance of Veterans like Richard who deeply understand the sacrifices they’ve made. “We didn’t have to serve in the same branch, but we know we swore to serve this country. We have that oath and common bond.”

For Richard, the highlight of his career is the opportunity to both serve and work with Veterans. He says, “I’m inspired by the sacrifices they have made—their patience, persistence and determination. I don’t know if there is any other place I can feel the calling as I do at VA. And when you realize how much you can effect change, that’s priceless. I realized that one person can make a difference.”

You too can make a world of difference in the lives of Veterans. If you are passionate about serving our nation’s heroes, then consider a job with VA. Explore our amazing benefits, and browse open positions and apply today.

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Published on Aug. 1, 2018

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