From building a resume to negotiating a salary, the process of obtaining a new career can be stressful. Luckily, VA has an unmatched resource that makes the job of finding a job easier: VA’s healthcare recruitment consultants.

This team — specializing in VA careers in medicine, mental health, nursing, senior executive, specialty care and surgery — can assist you in finding a position that fits your skills and lifestyle, including physicians, nurse executives, chiefs of staffs, neurologist, cardiologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and many more.

VA recruiters understand the department’s hiring goals and look for candidates who meet these needs. With a wealth of industry knowledge, they provide you with specific feedback on your resume, tips for any upcoming interviews, and other tools and services to help you with your job search.

Although you’ll ultimately be hired based on your qualifications, recruiters can provide valuable insight into the position or role you’re interested in. Here are the seven ways to get the most out of working with a VA recruiter:

  1. Schedule an intake session. These sessions help recruiters understand your past roles and career goals. In part, you may discuss your salary expectations, willingness to relocate or the status of your current job search. Armed with this information, recruiters can help you match your skills with available opportunities. Just be sure to contact the appropriate recruitment specialist for your career.
  2. Gain insider knowledge about the organization. Does VA offer child care? Does it promote from within? What do the leadership and reporting structures look like? VA recruiters can answer these and other questions based on their strong working knowledge of the organization.
  3.  Communicate. Throughout the process, you can expect to receive timely updates and responses from your recruiter. VA recruiters aim to make this process as smooth and effective as possible by contacting you on your preferred communications channels and schedule.
  4. Seek advice. If you have questions regarding upcoming VA opportunities, the status of your application or even whether or not you should include a previous job on your resume, VA recruiters can serve as sounding boards and offer you valuable advice throughout all stages of your job search.
  5. Manage expectations. Regardless of your fit and qualifications, the hiring process at any organization can often take longer than expected. VA recruiters can provide you with frequent updates on the status of your application and help you manage your expectations throughout the entire hiring process.
  6. Gather feedbackVA recruiters are available to share feedback on your resume, application and interview plans. Among their many tips, they may suggest emphasizing certain job responsibilities or using relevant keywords in your application documents.
  7. Stay in contact. Don’t be surprised if your recruiter contacts you on your first day on the job and even 30 days after — checking in is part of the job. It’s also a great idea to stay in touch for future opportunities.

You can also catch up with VA recruiters in the field or via a virtual career fair. Check the events page and the VA Careers blog frequently to find out how you can meet or talk with recruiters directly.

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Published on Sep. 4, 2019

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