As a third-generation VA employee, recruiter Hillary Garcia is perfectly suited to a career helping connect applicants with job opportunities and promoting the perks of working at VA.

“Before I joined VA, I had heard so many good things about the benefits and, most importantly, the mission and working for a deserving group of individuals,” Garcia said.

Garcia shares the screen with fellow recruiter James “JP” Pryan in a new video from VA Careers. They describe why they chose careers as recruiters at VA and how job seekers can connect with recruiters to expedite the application process.

“Think about what you enjoy on a daily basis — whether it be communicating with others or health care — and consider how [you] can positively impact a Veteran’s life by serving at VA,” Garcia said.

If you’re interested in working at VA, Garcia and Pryan encourage you to use the VA Careers website to connect with a recruiter. The website is a wealth of job-related information as well, packed with advice on navigating the application process, benefit information, firsthand stories from current VA employees and more.

Once you reach out to a recruiter, they will contact you for more information and then connect you with the appropriate staff person at VA. If you proceed in the application process, the next step is conducting a site visit, touring the facility and meeting staff.

“Keep an open mind and at least give it a shot. Talk to the people you’d be working with and see what it’s like,” Pryan advised.

Meaningful mission

Serving Veterans at VA is often a calling. Garcia has witnessed groups of VA staffers being asked, “Who here knows or loves someone who is a Veteran?”

“Almost overwhelmingly everyone in the room raises their hand,” Garcia said.

Many of our doctors, nurses, support staff and others are Veterans themselves or were inspired by the military service of someone they know. Because of these close connections to military service members, they are dedicated to making the best health care available to all Veterans. In fact, one in every three federal employees is a Veteran, with nearly 125,000 of those choosing VA.

“It gives you such a connection and creates a passion in your professional employment that you may not receive elsewhere,” Garcia said.

Enjoy other exceptional benefits

We offer competitive pay and unbeatable benefits, including 36-49 days of paid time off per year, access to a range of premium-paid health insurance plans and robust retirement plans. Parents may even have access to on-site child care centers at select facilities and child care subsidies.

You’re not limited to one geographic area. There are VA facilities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Recruiters will help match you with a position, facility and location that best meets your needs.

Other perks of a VA career include:

  • Flexible work schedules and shifts.
  • Diversity and inclusion policies and programs.
  • Leadership development and mentoring programs.
  • Career training and enhancement opportunities.
  • A smoke/drug-free workplace.

Choose a VA career today

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Published on Apr. 10, 2020

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