When patients visit VA facilities, they may not see medical supply aides and technicians, but evidence of their hard work is all around.

It’s in the trays of equipment prepped for surgeries, which they’ve packaged and assembled. It’s in the reusable medical equipment (RME) they have cleaned and sterilized between patients.

In 2021, the Veterans Health Administration will celebrate 75 years of service to the nation’s Veterans. Kicking off the celebration early, we’re recognizing a different essential health care occupation at VA each month for the next year.

This December, we want to spotlight the important work of medical supply aides and technicians and how you can enjoy a rewarding career at VA as part of this dedicated team.

Providing care safely

More than 9 million Veterans count on VA for safe, quality health care. At facilities across the nation, medical supply aides and technicians are critical to this process, ensuring that medical supplies are sanitized, assembled and ready to use.

“At VA, we all share the mission of caring for the brave men and women who have served their country. Making sure that the medical equipment we use when caring for them is safe and clean is vital, especially in during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Darren Sherrard, associate director of VA recruitment marketing.

As a medical supply aid and technician, you’ll work to sterilize, prepare and supply items, as well as decontaminate and distribute RME. This includes:

  • Receiving contaminated RME, disassembling it and determining the correct cleaning method.
  • Removing contaminants by wiping, soaking, rinsing and scrubbing materials, and operating sterilizing equipment.
  • Performing and documenting daily checks and records for all sterilization equipment.
  • Preparing operating room case carts.
  • Inspecting packages for proper sterilization and assembling basic sets and trays, including those used in the operating room.

Have military hospital corpsman experience? You might be perfectly suited for this career. Our transitioning military personnel program offers a pipeline to VA jobs for Veterans, who often receive preference in the federal hiring process.

Enjoy excellent benefits

At VA, our support staff is a crucial part of providing world-class care to our nation’s heroes. Not only will you be part of a team that shares your dedication and commitment to Veterans, you’ll also enjoy a range of excellent benefits, including:

  • Paid vacation time that starts building right away, paid sick leave and 10 paid federal holidays.
  • Comprehensive health insurance, which may become effective on the first full pay period after you start your job.
  • Generous retirement benefits through the Federal Employees’ Retirement System, a three-tier retirement plan.
  • Child care and transportation assistance programs (available in select locations).
  • Education support, including flexible work schedules, scholarships, and leadership and training programs.

Work at VA today

If you’re looking for a rewarding career helping Veterans, consider a position as a medical supply aide or technician.

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Published on Dec. 1, 2020

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