In 2020, the Women’s Health Transition Training program launched more than 150 training sessions to installations across all military branches.

To learn more about The Women’s Health Transition Training, listen to new episodes of She Wears the Boots, a podcast hosted by Nicole Loew and Wendy Fahlgren. VA launched this podcast to address various topics that impact women who served.

Women’s Health Transition Training: First, Dr. Nancy Maher and Major Alea Nadeem discuss why this program was started and why every woman should attend a Women’s Health Transition Training session. You can listen to the full discussion here:

Women’s Health Transition Training, Addressing Perceptions of VA: The next episode featuring Major Alea Nadeem and Halima Ahmadi-Montecalvo addresses some of the perceptions that service women and Veteran women have about VA. Listen to the interview here:

Participant shares her thoughts on the training

“As a person who has transitioned a few times, this is the first comprehensive explanation of what services a woman can receive.”

Women’s Health Transition Training, a Participant’s Experience: In the third Women’s Health Transition Training episode, She Wears the Boots host interviews a past participant, Sarah Maples, who gives her thoughts about the training.

Maples is an Air Force Veteran, blogger, and advocate for transitioning service women and women Veterans. Tune into her interview here:

The program has received positive feedback and glowing recommendations from training participants and partners. Participants were asked why they would recommend the training to other service women:

“Very helpful information on the amazing difference for women in the VHA as opposed to military medical,” said one.

“As a person who has transitioned a few times, this is the first comprehensive explanation of what services a woman can receive,” said another.

The training is conducted by women Veterans who know VA.

Conducted by women Veterans who know VA

In December, each training is conducted virtually by a live, woman Veteran who has experience with VA services. Women Veterans program managers from various VA clinics and facilities around the country attend the sessions to answer questions about specific women’s services.

They address the potential physical and mental health challenges women may face, such as depression, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, obesity, infertility, prenatal care and military sexual trauma (MST).

Listen to the She Wears the Boots podcast here: Register today for one of the final sessions available this year at Sessions are available twice per weekday.

In early 2021, all transitioning service women and women Veterans can take a self-paced version of the Women’s Health Transition Training anytime, anyplace, online at

Happy Holidays and thank you for your service!

Sherri Curtis and Rachel Johnston are VA marketing strategy & communications consultants.

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Published on Dec. 18, 2020

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