If you have experience as a military medic or corpsman, consider continuing your career of service as an Intermediate Care Technician (ICT) at VA.

You’ll be instrumental in delivering essential health care to other Veterans and helping staff emergency departments (EDs), intensive care units, specialty clinics, outpatient surgical clinics and more. There are over 100 ICT jobs currently open across the nation.

Put your skills to work

Without additional licensure or certification, it can be hard for Army combat medics, Air Force medical technicians, Navy hospital corpsmen and Coast Guard health services technicians to find civilian jobs that use their military experience.

The ICT program, which was launched in 2012, is a health care career path for these dedicated professionals that has helped develop a pipeline of well-trained clinical staff to serve Veterans.

“There’s no civilian equivalent to this. You don’t get to use those skills and abilities anywhere else,” said Kristina Snell, acting ICT program manager.

In this role, you’ll:

  • Take vital signs.
  • Complete point-of-care testing.
  • Draw blood samples.
  • Place IVs, NG tubes and catheters.
  • Complete eye and ear irrigation.
  • Perform simple abscess incision and drainage.
  • Suture, splint and care for wounds.

Other responsibilities include expediting flow and efficiency, rooming and prepping patients for evaluation, confirming that medical tests are completed, coordinating the patient to different venues and completing the discharge process.

Continue a career of service

As a Veteran, you’re perfectly poised to help care for other Veterans. You understand their unique needs and experience. You know what it is to be part of a team that’s united in a single mission.

After leaving the Air Force, Snell couldn’t find a position that called on her experience as a flight evac medic. She cleaned fish tanks in a feed store before applying to the ICT program and finding a home at VA.

“VA for me has been a land of opportunity that I never knew existed. I think working at VA is the best kept secret,” Snell said.

After operating as a pilot program for several years, the ICT program is being established permanently under VA’s Office of Primary Care.

“We’ve proven ourselves to be an asset,” Snell said. “We’re in 62 medical centers right now, and it’s continuing to grow.”

Work at VA

Bring your extensive training and experience to VA and make a difference in the lives of other Veterans.

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Published on Dec. 23, 2020

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  1. SW December 24, 2020 at 4:38 pm

    Why is va hiring? Veterans are being pushed out and haven’t been able to be seen for months since the virus reared it’s ugly head.

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