As the coronavirus pandemic stretches into a second year, you may feel lonely, worried and stressed. Annie text messages are available to help.

Annie is VA’s automated text messaging program that sends information and self-care reminders. There are many types of Annie text messages, and they work on any cellphone with texting capabilities.

90% of Veterans found the messages helpful.

Annie’s Coping During COVID messages can help you manage stress levels and feel more connected during the pandemic. It works like this: A few times a week, Annie sends a text that reminds you to take care of yourself and asks if you would like a coping tip.

If you reply ‘yes,’ Annie sends one of more than 60 actions you can take to help decrease feelings of anxiety, anger, depression and isolation.

VA surveyed 651 Veterans who receive Annie’s Coping During COVID messages. The survey data showed that 90% of Veterans found the messages helpful, 88% agreed that the “messages supported my health and wellbeing,” and 87% appreciated Annie’s reminders to make their wellbeing a priority.

Two of the Veterans surveyed:

“COVID-19 has been so stressful. I know we’re all going through it together, but I have felt so alone and isolated. The messages from Annie have been a Godsend to me.”

“I became aware of simple everyday things I never thought about. Once I did a few (of Annie’s coping tips) I realized they indeed helped. I began looking forward to the next one.”

How to Get Started

To receive Annie messages, you must be registered for Annie. Instructions are available in this flyer and on the Annie for Veterans page of the VA App Store.

Once you are registered, you can subscribe to Coping During COVID messages simply by texting SUB Cope to Annie (75338).

You can also subscribe to other types of Annie messages, including COVID-19 Vaccination Support, Stress Management, Tobacco Cessation, and Weight Management. This VA App Store page has a list of Annie messages and instructions for subscribing to each.

Get started today.

Office of Mental Health Resources

In addition to signing up for Annie text messages, Veterans can find support through the following online and downloadable VA Mental Health resources:

Gwendolyn McMillian is a communications specialist with the Office of Connected Care.

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Published on Mar. 24, 2021

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