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VA is actively hiring oncologists and hematologists for telehealth positions that provide Veterans in rural areas with access to care.

Be part of the future of oncology care at VA. We are actively hiring oncologists and hematologists for our National TeleOncology Program (NTO) to help reach Veterans in rural areas who struggle with access to care.

We are looking for academic oncologists or hematologists with a background in research who are licensed to practice in the United States. In this position, you will:

  • Promote, direct, evaluate, and oversee the management of high-quality patient care delivery
  • Provide hematology/oncology care by telehealth
  • Join heroes serving heroes at the largest integrated provider of oncology care in the nation

Approximately 50,000 Veterans each year are diagnosed with cancer. With best-in-class care, our National Oncology Program (NOP) treats Veterans through precision oncology, matching the right treatment to a Veteran’s specific type of cancer.

NTO expands this care to reach rural Veterans through telehealth services. According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, 4 in 10 Americans living in rural areas who have or had cancer say there are no cancer specialists near their home. NTO is challenging the status quo by prioritizing care in these underserved communities.

“We know a lot of our Veterans are in rural areas, and telehealth is more convenient for them,” said Gina McWhirter, MBA, MSN, RN, director of NTO. “Through teleoncology, Veterans are able to have a connection with VA oncology experts. Expanding our team to include top of the line oncologists that can provide services via telehealth is essential for continuing to serve these heroes.”

Caring for Veterans, shoulder to shoulder

VA uses a “hub-and-spoke” model for teleoncology, with the main hub based at the Durham VA Medical Center (VAMC). VA cancer specialists around the country work through NTO from their local VAMC office, providing care virtually to a selected spoke site.

“Working for NTO gives you the chance to be part of something different that redefines delivery of oncology care, without sacrificing the quality,” said Vida Passero, MD, MBA, chief medical officer of NTO. “By joining us, you’ll be part of a team that transforms access to oncology care for the next century.”

NOP also provides you the opportunity to take your career to the next level as you participate in clinical research and learn from the nation’s best academic oncologists. Depending on where you are staffed, there are openings for academic appointments at National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers.

Your VA benefits

Working with NOP is rewarding. At VA, you’ll walk shoulder-to-shoulder with Veterans on every step of their cancer journey. Working in oncology at VA also means you will have:

  • Generous paid time off and work-life balance
  • Access to supportive loan repayment and reimbursement programs
  • Manageable patient load, allowing more time with patients for true patient-centered care
  • Expanded opportunities to advance your interests in clinical research

Work at VA today

Bring your skills and experience to exciting new positions supporting our National TeleOncology Program.

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Published on Jul. 30, 2021

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