Get your flu shot today!

It’s that time of year: flu season is here. With COVID-19 circulating in our communities, getting a flu shot is more important than ever.

In addition to your local VA medical facility, flu vaccines are available at no cost to eligible Veterans at more than 70,000 in-network community care providers nationwide.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you can even get your flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine during the same visit.

Here are the four steps to getting your community flu vaccine:

1. Check your eligibility

Community flu vaccines are available to eligible Veterans who, both:

  • Are enrolled in the VA health care system.
  • Received care through VA from either a VA or community provider within the past 24 months. (This requirement is new for 2021-2022 flu season.)

To check your eligibility (for the community urgent care benefit, which includes the flu vaccine), either:

  • Call 800-MyVA411 (800-698-2411), select option 1 (for urgent care information), then option 3 (for urgent care information), and then option 1 again (to check urgent care eligibility).
  • Contact your local VA medical facility.

A great part of this benefit is that you can get a community flu vaccine without prior authorization. Flu vaccines provided are standard (quadrivalent), high dose and preservative-free.

2. Find a participating provider

To find an in-network provider, go to the VA Facility Locator:

  • City, state or postal code: Enter the appropriate ZIP code for your area.
  • Facility Type: Select “Urgent Care” or “Community pharmacies (in VA’s network).” If you select “Urgent Care,” choose “In-network community urgent care.”
  • Click “Search.”
  • Choose provider.

You can also call 877-881-7618 or your local VA medical facility for help locating an in-network provider. Make sure the provider is in-network to avoid being charged for the flu vaccine.

The billing information card contains information you might need when getting your flu vaccine, similar to an insurance card.

3. Go to the provider

Before going to the provider:

  • Call ahead to make sure the provider offers the flu vaccine through this benefit.
  • Print the Billing Information Card (or have it viewable on your mobile device) and take it with you to the provider.

When you arrive:

  • Tell them you’re a Veteran enrolled in VA health care, and
  • You would like to get a flu shot, paid for by VA.
  • Show your government-issued ID and the Billing Information Card.

4. Get the vaccine

  • Get your flu vaccine!


There is no copayment charge if your visit consists only of a flu vaccine. In addition, flu-vaccine only visits don’t count towards visits and/or copayments associated with using VA’s community urgent care benefit.

If you are charged for the flu vaccine, call 877-881-7618 for assistance.


Documentation of the flu vaccination is sent to VA by the community provider to update your medical record. You can also request a copy of the documentation showing you received the flu vaccine.


  • For help with eligibility and general questions, call 800-MyVA411 (800-698-2411), select option 1, then option 3, and then select option 1 again.
  • For help when receiving a community flu vaccine, call 877-881-7618 or your local VA medical facility.

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By Jonathan Ludwig is a senior communications specialist for the VHA Office of Community Care

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Published on Oct. 12, 2021

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  1. Tracy Denett October 14, 2021 at 7:28 pm

    My father is an 89-year-old veteran who is bed bound at home. He would like to get the COVID-19 vaccine as well as a flu shot, but we have been unable to arrange for the COVID vaccine to be done at his home. Do you have any plans for veterans such as he? Or any suggestions?

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