Author and Navy Veteran Lisa Washington is a Christian fiction author, who has written three books, including her newest, "Kaleigh."

Author and Navy Veteran Lisa Washington is a Christian fiction author, who has written three books, including her newest, “Kaleigh.”

VA’s Center for Women Veterans profiles a different woman Veteran author as part of their Women Veteran Authors Book Corner.

This month’s author is Lisa Washington, a Christian fiction author and the winner of the 2020 Author Elite Award for her novel Love Lifted Me, also the winner of the 2018 African American Literary Show Award for best Christian Fiction for her debut novel When You Least Expect It. Lisa is a Navy Veteran and a graduate of Wayne State University, Averett University and Butler University. Education is important to her; she is currently an advisor for an online university.

She enjoys community involvement through various community organizations and her church. She has been affectionately described as a career volunteer for her willingness to help where and when needed within her community. She currently resides in Georgia with her family.

What are you doing now, significant moment(s) during your service and other unique information?

I am currently a student mentor/advisor for the college of business at Western Governors University.

What was your military branch, career field, and years of service?

U.S. Navy, IT2, 1995-1999

What was your fondest or proudest memory during your military service?

My proudest memories were community and outreach service projects I participated in with the chaplain’s office.

What was your inspiration for becoming an author, or writing this book (for instance, a childhood dream, a significant life experience, a person)?

I have always had an active imagination. Even in my adult years, I could create stories about random things happening around me.

How has your military experience shaped your creativity or how you express yourself?

I think my military experience allowed me to see things, go places, and meet people that I may have never encountered. I was able to learn and experience diversity in several areas through the people I have met.

What advice would you give other women Veterans who may be considering becoming an author?

Just do it. Find a mentor, ask lots of questions, and just write.

How do you believe that women Veteran authors can be instrumental in shaping society’s understanding of women Veterans’ military experience and their contributions?

Who better to tell the story of a woman’s experience serving in the military than a woman Veteran? It’s not the same when it comes from someone else or when non-Veterans interview a woman Veteran to write their story.

What were some of your obstacles and challenges in writing this book?

My biggest obstacle is procrastination. I have so many irons in the fire that I tend to get overwhelmed and then slow down my productivity.

What are your recommendations for illustrating, book cover selection, and the publishing process?

I chose self-publishing because I want to be in control of all of my intellectual and creative property. I also do not like rejection which is common in attempting traditional publishing. For book covers, I found a wonderful designer online that is awesome at taking my vision and producing exactly what I want.

What is one significant thing we should know about you?

I barely graduated from high school and now I have three college degrees (one bachelor’s and two master’s), and I mentor and advise other graduate students.

How has writing this book helped you?

Writing this book, as well as the others, has helped me to release the stored-up stories in my head and sharing my talent with the world.

What is your favorite quote?

I have so many, but the one that got me to writing professionally is, “It’s never too late to be what you should have been, It’s never too late to start over again.” (Lyrics from the song “Dream” by Bishop William Murphy III)

If you could choose one woman from any point in time to share a meal, who would she be?

Brenda Jackson, bestselling romance author. She is my favorite author and an inspiration.

Book Intro:

Kaleigh Hammond has been working hard to become successful in real estate, when she lands a multi-million-dollar contract, all of her hard work seems to be paying off. Along with new clients, Kaleigh is also battling an unknown illness that doctors haven’t been able to diagnose. But her health conditions and the unwanted advances of a sexy doctor seem to test her patience and his.

Grant Hawkins has been a silent partner in his brother’s business for years, until he meets the beautiful realtor working with his brother. An immediate attraction ensues, but only in Grant’s mind. He has to try unconventional methods to get her to notice his interest in her. Will his attempts, her illness and unexpected drama push them together or pull them apart?

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Published on Jan. 2, 2022

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  1. Lisa Washington January 6, 2022 at 9:34 am

    Thank you to the center for Women Veterans for highlighting women authors. As of today, I have 7 published books.

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