Leave No Veteran Behind

In this health equity podcast, Lauren Russell, Dr. Johanne Eliacin and Dr. Alicia Cohen discuss the role social factors of health have in influencing Veterans’ health outcomes. Russell is the co-Access Lead for VA New England.

The project manager and implementation lead for the Addressing Circumstances & Offering Resources for Needs (ACORN) initiative aims to identify and address Veterans’ health-related social needs.

Eliacin is a research health scientist with the Center for Health Information and Communication at Roudebush VA.

Cohen is a core investigator with the VA Providence Center of Innovation in Long Term Services and Supports, and a primary care physician at the Providence VA’s homeless clinic and women’s health clinic.

Russell, Eliacin and Cohen share their perspectives on social determinants of health. Social determinants of health are defined as the conditions in which people live, work and play. They also involve the broader policies and environments that shape daily life. These are commonly referred to as social factors.

How social factors can impact health

They discuss how social factors can directly impact health in unhealthy living conditions. They can influence social and economic opportunities, which can also affect access to healthcare. Social determinants or factors can exacerbate chronic diseases and create new health conditions.

Did you know that among Veterans specifically, some patients face tremendous health problems due to a lack of food and housing security or regular work? In this way, VA encourages people to join the conversation as they discuss how social factors impact people’s own life. 

VA invites people to check out the Veterans Health Equity podcast web page on favorite places to listen to podcasts. Visit Patient Care Services website to learn more about Health Equity information, research, topics, training and more.

By Julia McGirr is a fellow with the Office of Health Equity.

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Published on Jan. 4, 2022

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