Many people would like to forget 2021. It was a tough year, but a lot of good happened, too, especially at VA. The department is committed to making 2022 even better, and to do that, we’re taking a quick look back at what it accomplished and how it served Veterans in 2021.

Keeping Vets healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic entered year two. As the largest integrated health care system in the world, VA administered 8.9 million vaccine doses (including boosters) to more than 4.1 million people; administered 3.6 million COVID-19 tests; and conducted 12.7 million COVID-19 virtual screenings.

But it wasn’t just the pandemic. VA conducted over 112 million clinical encounters, including 6.1 million in-person appointments, while also submitting 2.3 million community care referrals.

How did we do? VA received over 1.9 million survey responses and 450,000+ text responses, and the verdict is clear: a 90.1% trust score in VA health care and an overall 76% trust score means that Veterans overwhelmingly support and use VA.

Delivering the goods

On the non-health benefits side, VA delivered. Dedicated employees (many of whom are Veterans themselves, or are related to Vets) worked through pandemic restrictions to complete 1.4 million compensation and pension claims; the Board of Veterans Appeals held over 27,000 hearings and made nearly 93,000 decisions.

Veterans didn’t stop buying homes in 2021, and they didn’t let the pandemic stop them from using their hard-earned education benefits. VA guaranteed more than 1.2 million home loans, processed 3.3 million education claims, 73,000 insurance claims, and over 16,000 VR&E packets.

And when it came time for the final honor, VA interred more than 146,000 Veterans and family members.


Veterans increasingly know where and how to find VA news and information. In 2021, there were 110 million email opens, and over 105 million visits to; 15 million visitors read daily news and stories and updates published on VAntage Point, the official VA blog for Veterans, dependents and survivors.

And, the mission to provide even more benefits and care and services never ends. VA is the second largest federal employer of Veterans (behind DoD), and 2021 saw 115,000 new VA employees, among them many Veterans and their dependents.

2021 highlights

Feb. 8: Denis McDonough sworn in as 11th Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Feb. 17: VA administers 1 million COVID-19 vaccination doses.

Feb. 18: VA extended suspension of debt collection from all Veteran benefit overpayments and medical copayments during the pandemic period.

Feb. 23: VA launched a health equity review of all policies regarding care and services provided to LGBTQ+ Veterans.

March 13: SAVE LIVES Act became law, allowing VA to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to all Veterans, their spouses, and caregivers.

April 14: VA established 120-day task force on inclusion, diversity, equity, and access after ensuring Veteran organizations representing women, minority, and LGBTQ+ Veterans provided input on the 2022-28 VA strategic plan.

April 30: VA improved the management of suicide prevention efforts, ensuring 1,400+ employees and $300M+ are focused on achieving better outcomes for Veterans and their families.

May 4: VA opened new rapid retraining program for thousands of Veterans who lost jobs due to pandemic.

June 4: VA sees trust improve by 24% in five years.

July 26: VA issues vaccine mandate for health care workers, a first for a federal agency.

Sept. 8: VA annual report showed decrease in Veteran suicides.

Sept. 15: VA and DHS host COVID-19 vaccine clinic for deported Veterans at the San Ysidro Border Crossing.

Oct. 27: VA extends presumptive period for Persian Gulf War Veterans.

Nov. 23: VA and Indian Health Service broaden scope to serve American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans.

Dec. 27: VA Trust report shows majority of Veterans trust VA

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By VAntage Point Staff

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Published on Jan. 4, 2022

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  1. mark granger January 16, 2022 at 4:17 am

    I have had my ups and downs with the V A. I started with hearing and anything skeletal. I had a disc in my neck that was out of place physical therapy and chiropractor fixed that. I was receiving physical therapy in the morning 3x a week for my back, that was stopped. Then I was getting spinal adjustments 3x a week that was stopped. I lived in a neighborhood with mail box units, some missing others tampered with, the V A wanted to mail me my meds, I asked if I could pick them up at the hospital since I was there 3x a week. I was told no, they said it was because it is cheaper to mail them. Then I started to receive a bill in the mail for meds that I was getting for free, I went to talk to the guy in charge and he said that only meds for hearing and finger were covered. I went to the records department to get the proof that I had complete skeletal coverage. They had to go to the warehouse for the records and it would take a few weeks; they never found my records. So I started my V A experience with benefits now they have been reduced. The doctors and nurses for the most part are caring hard working people the technicians are pretty good to. The problem is the leadership; the age and design of the V A in Fresno are sub par. Any moron with an ounce of sense can see the most pressing need is parking, instead of making more room to park they made more hospital and where did the hospital expand to, the parking lots. To give an example of the inept leadership, the travel office. The travel office at one time had one person running the office it could take up to 15 min. in line to receive a voucher. After a couple of years they changed the set up. they put in 2 windows instead of going into the office a line formed and vets were seen at the windows. A take a number machine was added along with a few more staff, it was better at first, then they put mail type boxes around the hospital so forms could be dropped off in more than 1 place. Then it got bad 2 months went by and a lot of vets were complaining. The final change they had made was to pay in check instead of cash. We were told that the V A no longer paid out in cash. That was a lie, they were using Fresno as a test the V A in Palo Alto and L A still paid out in cash. It got worse some were waiting 3 -4 months for travel. Stupidity is hard to accept but lies are unacceptable. The buildings that are new are unused or the last time I looked there was no one in them.

  2. Allen D. Hoffbauer January 10, 2022 at 7:18 am

    I have been in the Nebraska Air National Guard for 28 years I took my Basic Training at
    Lackland AFB In San Antonio Texas and My Aircraft Mechanics training was at Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls, Texas it was a n accelerated Aircraft Mechanics Maintenance Technical School from 12 weeks to 10 because they need as many Aircraft Mechanics Crew Chiefs for maintenance as quickly as possible for the Vietnam era and I went back to my Home Unit In Lincoln Nebraska where it used to be an Active Air Force Base and the Government gave it to The Lincoln Airport Authority and We are part of the old Navy Hanger that was a 155th Tactical Reconnaissance Group at the Lincoln Municipal Airport I started out with the 155 Maintenance Squadron in which was the Periodic Maintenance Phase Docks the RF-4Cs Phantom Jets in which there were 63 64 and 65 models at the Air National Guard Base and after 100 Flying Hours they would have to be taken out of the flying schedule and then they would come in the Hanger to be Washed for Corrosion Control and inspection for certain items and areas that was already listed on the phase Cards inspection Work and lubrication and sometimes a time change item was required or sometimes even a modification or what it was called a TCTO a Time Compliance Technical Order that had to be done before a certain date or time line and there was 6 different Phases that had to be done before it could fly again every 100 Flying Hours so I was a So called Traditional Guardsmen that after I returned from Basic Training and Tech School then my obligation was 2weeks Active Duty ( Summer Camp ) or maybe a Training Mission at another training Facility or Base or it could be to another Country outside of the United States in Canada or Spain or some other NATO country that was CoTraining with Us as Allies And then there was the Two Days a month that was considered 4 training periods Usually a Saturday and a Sunday that was scheduled well in advance for the whole year or more . Then the Phase Dock Chief that was a full time Technician Civil Servant by weekdays and then the Head of the Periodic Maintenance Squadron and was a Chief MasterSargent that was over two Periodic Maintenance Docks A Dock and B Dock and each Dock had a Dock Chief and that was just the Periodic Phase Scheduled Maintenance Group under the 155th Maintenance Group that was the Crew Chiefs and the Aircraft Mechanics or assistant Crew Chiefs and the other traditional Guardsmen that they would also perform Duties on the Flight line for Preflights and post flights thruflights and anything else like that that required to be performed or inspected unscheduled Maintenance like tire changes Liquid Oxygen refueling before the next scheduled flight Well the Periodic Phase Dock Chief liked the way I would do the maintenance and inspection work cards for the Aircraft that was in for the periodic maintenance scheduled Inspection and He asked me if I was interested in working full time out at the base as a full time Technician in the Phase Docks Periodic Maintenance and I quit my Job at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. And I ended up working at the Base as a Full Time Technician for 25 years and ended up as a Crew Chief Aircraft Mechanics WG-12 as a full time Technician and ended up on the Flightline for several of those years and I also helped the Egress Shop pulling ejection seats for other shops to get at their boxes so they could fix them I also Helped Munitions People Arm and Dearm External Fuel Tanks and stood fireguarg for them as they loaded Chaff and or flares for Night Reconnaissance Missions and I also drove the Refueling Trucks that was the JP-4 Fuel Jet Fuel for the GE J79 Jet Engines that had Afterburners and the Phantom could fly Twice the Speed of Sound Too and it was a two seater a pilot and a CoPilot or WSO that would run the cameras and the IR and anything else that would help the pilot to get to the target and get the Targeted pictures of the either bombers or Fighters that need that information and accurate coordinates for the Fighters Bombers that needed the target and location for them to get the enemy’s fighting arsenal and weapons and all the assets and equipment that would need to be destroyed and knocked out of commission so that it couldn’t be used against us or our allies and after they hit the targets then we would have to fly back to the place and take more pictures to make sure that they would not be able to use the same equipment or weapons against anyone anymore Anyway I don’t qualify for VA Benefits I had to file a disability claim just for my Tentinitus that was for only 10% and by the time I was Honorably Discharged in 1999 after over 28 years of service in which I was nonretained witch is a requirement for full time Technician Civil Servants have to be in a Military Position in order to be able to stay on as a full time Technician and They also said that My GI Benefits has expired long time ago because I stayed in the military and also had the full time Technician position too So Zebulon is that I have to file a disability in order to get some benefits and all it done for me is the disability that I am getting from the VA is the same amount that they deducted from my military retirement pay!!!! Go figure that one out for me and then let me know when I will be entitled to All the VA Benefits that everyone says that I am entitled to and everyone else is getting it So why not me and all the other National Guardsmen that served longer than I have it’s just not considered Active Duty Days Just days I had to be away from my family and friends and go to places that were considered Cambat or War Zones or something like that in which what do you call Prince Saltin AFB that we paid for yet they would only give us a taxi Way for Our KC 135 R Stratotankers that was three deep!

  3. Marilyn Mileham January 6, 2022 at 6:22 pm

    24/7 caregivers got the shaft from the VA in 2021. Many who qualified were denied retro stipends and it has hurt their whole families! I don’t trust the VA at all!
    Not even the doctors! The pulmonary internist said “ you are 74! You are old”
    I took my husband to a heart lung specialist outside the VA after that . Now he is getting help and I will sell everything if I have to just to pay to keep him Alive and rehabilitation!

  4. Betina Jessen January 6, 2022 at 4:50 pm

    See above comment. If you didn’t understand, look up higher on the page.

  5. Dane Miller January 6, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    This passed year the VA has help me and our family a great deal. I’ve been with the VA for many years and yes over a few of those years they didn’t perform or acted on my claims. I joined the DAV and they helped me threw those claims and turned them around in my favor. I have to say over the pass few year’s the VA and there performance and how they treat you have changed, 80% for me and my family. We do thank them a great deal and the DAV. My care giver has been in Waterloo Iowa, a lot of nice people and we thank them also. This article on how the VA Served Veterans in 2021. Has been an eye opener for me,Thank you. I have to also give a lot of credit to Heather Mangrich, RNCase Manager for Dr. Kipp at Waterloo VA office.

  6. Donna W. January 6, 2022 at 2:01 pm

    I am glad the VA can be such a great help to some as I have seen the shining star individuals and benefits in my long past with them. Still, these statistics don’t mean anything to those individuals that experience quite the opposite.
    I have been receiving care at the VA for over 14 years with many challenges we all expect with such a large population and varied medical concerns. I also understand that a worldwide pandemic makes everything more difficult and we need to be aware and considerate
    of that and the toll it is taking on the individual care providers, staff, and patients. The broken system is not suffering as it continues to make excuses for the shortfalls it has always experienced. Still, it is not a good excuse for repeated disregard and inconsistencies in local policy and opinions. For me and my interaction with the VA to date, 2021 was by far the WORST experience of my life as I was disregarded, singled out for complaining to/ about patient advocacy, and even turned away while in a life threatening mental health crisis like it was a routine referral. I was even called repeatedly by the hotline after complaining about my care and my wish to find care elsewhere. Luckily for me, I am a retired disabled veteran with Medicare, so I had options. I was forced to find care outside of the VA system for my own health, safety and peace of mind. I tried several formal routes to have my issues addressed and resolved by utilizing the resources within the VA. It is also unfortunate that the system that is there to protect and advocate for us when we can’t caused me more trauma and conflict than the original complaints. They even made me look like a combative, hostile patient formally in my record instead of a patient merely frustrated and desperate for relief and help.
    My hope is that what I went through with my experiences are not the norm and that others find the benefits I used to from the VA. My hope is also that things will improve as awareness improves and they continue to try and compensate and improve. Time will tell. The goal should be no more 22s in 2022!

  7. Kirk Jones January 6, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    The VA doesn’t follow CDC regulations. They took away all pain medication that worked for me 6 years ago. My quality of life has deteriorated drastically and they refuse to do anything that helps.
    It’s like being treated at a third world clinic.

  8. Kelly Mahoney January 6, 2022 at 11:50 am

    I have been utilizing the VA Healthcare services since 2014. It is definitely not a perfect system, however, they have made enormous improvements overall. As a professional working with homeless veterans, I disagree with the comment that the VA has not helped the homeless. My organization housed 90 veterans and their families in 2021.

  9. Wm F O’BRIEN 111 January 6, 2022 at 10:14 am

    I’m a VN vet retired after 20 yr active duty. Enlisted as an E-1 retired as an 0-4. After retirement I avoided VA association. After some years, I was persuaded by several retired VN vets to contact VA for evaluation.
    That was and remains one of the most positive significant actions I’ve ever taken.
    While being well aware of some shortcomings in VA my overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive,

  10. Sharon Fields January 6, 2022 at 9:26 am

    I will say that I have had nothing but the best care from the Dayton Ohio VA center. I have never had to wait more than a week to get an appointment. Once when I was having a procedure done they managed to get all my testing and get me in to see a specialist all on the same day I showed up just for a prep visit. I’ve never had that happen with a civilian hospital or distort. Everyone is very friendly and complimentary of my time in the service and seem happy in their jobs. I am sure this is not the case at all VAs and I really hate to hear that. We should all get that service no matter where we are located. But for me I have no complaints from using Dayton VA and they deserve the praise.

  11. Thomas Robertson January 6, 2022 at 8:59 am

    I have had very good service from the VA. In Seattle WA. And Billings MT.

  12. Brian lee Randall January 6, 2022 at 6:54 am

    Sorry not sorry. But yall at the VA must be taking all the good drugs. Because there ant no way that many vets trust yall. Because nothing but straight Garbage Dr. And Garbage people work at VA. Yall for real have let down every veteran myself included, VA has made False claims about me ive had to wait for 2 yrs and change to get care.. So Don’t Sit t there and make MORE FALSE CLAIMS. EVEN THE IG OFFICE OS TRASH. EVERY LAST PERSON THAT WORKS AT VA, COMMUNITY, & IG OFFICE SHOULD BE PUT OUT FRONT FRONT OF EVERY VA HOSPITAL CLINIC ETC ON KNEES AND APOLOGY TO EVERY LAST VETERAN THERE FAMILIES THEN PLAY IN TRAFFIC …..

    • Johnny Cooper January 7, 2022 at 12:18 pm

      It’s numbers and not people, when I read how great the VA
      Has improved. For them to say they made 90’ plus thousand
      Decisions for Veterans Claims why don’t they apprise us of
      How many denied VS Grants ? All of you and your concerns
      Are very valid. I’ve been in the process Post 1984. And I love
      To share my personal story which would be just one after
      Another laugh. One point, and I still have the letter from
      The VARO of filing a claim in 2001 and 12 years later
      Get a letter stating they were still working on the
      Claim and apologized for the delay. Is 12 years a delay?
      You just can’t make this stuff up, it’s beyond ridiculous.
      Sgt Cooper Albany, Oregon

  13. Joseph M Martinez January 6, 2022 at 6:15 am

    Wow! The VA has this report out only 6 days into the New Year! Meanwhile, it takes 4-6 months to get an appointment.

  14. Amy Russell January 6, 2022 at 5:07 am

    Wow these people are constantly just patting themselves on the back. How many homeless veterans have they housed Im sure none. As this is a lie that they actually care or help the homeless. They do nothing. And the caregiver group is a joke also. Apparently you need an attorney to get this benefit too. Such a sad page.

    • JesseJ January 6, 2022 at 9:23 pm

      Amen Amy Want to hear about the “Deny until you Die” Mission goal that the VA C & P set and live by when they exam and determine your claim even if you have all your medical records form your service showing that it started while serving they still Deny you, and hope you die before they have to pay.  The White House VA is the only place I had left to turn to, as the VA OIG told me that they dont audit nor review the processes that the VA C&P side do to our Veterans, all the OIG is insure that the C & P have funding. In fact I was told to call the White House VA by the VA OIG. So what the heck is the Office of the Inspector  General for the VA if they are not keeping these entities under constant watch ? I am that vet who served my country had a Perfect Flight Physical and Approved for Helicopter School in the Military, then while waiting for my school to start the Army cancelled all the classes to save money and told us to resubmit (took 1 year to get it thru and approved) while that was going on I was sent to a new missile unit and lived in the Desert for 2 years, when my health crashed, from being at the top of my health to throwing up blood severe pain and of course I did my job and even received 2 ARCOM’s. I could not serve anymore in this condition, I was ETS’d and then had to go thru the VA claim nightmare (1987) where I was told constantly for the next 38 years all this is in you head, until they read all my medical records and decided in 2019 after my wife passed away that oh this is service connected and here is 1 month back pay, I had to appeal that as well. So I am writing a story that all of us Veterans are going thru, been thru, and still in the middle of the VA nightmare .  The VA C & P is the worst department / Entity / that I have ever had to deal with, they treat vets like criminals (Like one CP doctor) who asked me why are you here, please tell me why I shouldn’t deny your claim ? There are good C & P doctors I have had one maybe in 38 years of them, and recently one tried to cripple me by not ready the Judges reprimand before he started my exam.  

      I get those who havent served feel like the veterans are getting things for free. but I can tell you that serving my country was the greatest honor ever,  its the taking of my YOUTH, Not addressing the medical injuires we suffered while serving (due to the Military mission) is more important to some officers than the health of their soldiers, so you dont get a choice when you are in a Certification mission you live eat and breath the Certification, health who cares about health, then you get out Honorable and with a ton of medals and awards only to be  treated like a crininal and also being told its in your head.  If the VA  would have treated me in the earlier stages I would not be now Home cared for, Bleeding all over and around, unable to eat solid foods, and unable to  gain weight due to pain of eating solids and now only liquid. And your heart racing at 160/100 on a good day. So the next time you think A veteran is getting over on you or the Government is giving them free money and such, think about Veterans like me, quality of life sucks for the last 40 years pain, and being told nothing is wrong its in your head by a VA claims person who has no idea what or how the Military is as it pertains to caring for the Soldiers.  Its a shame how our own Government and VA teams treat the Veterans who were, are and have sacrificed so much to insure your Free and treating the Veterans like crap is unacceptable, I dont care about my situation with the VA, I have become used to it, I care about all the other Brothers and SIsters out there who the VA has shunned and are now wondering why kind of life is there for me given that I am physically and mentally injured. If you have any power and you work for the VA C & P side then now is the time to change the “DENY TIL YOU DIE” motto that our VA CP lives by. I will not die anytime soon, so the VA C&P throw what else you have at me, you have made me homeless with a wife and 2 children, you have taken my Degree away by not caring for my Service connected disability so I could finish my last semester for Astrophysics, you have told me that everything is in my head for over 38 + years and now its too late to treat, you continue to take medication away from the veterans that work, and try to supplement them with meds that have caused serious side effects because you want to change what worked. You continue to isolate and use antiquated equipment (like faxes) for the Veterans to use to submit claims, you still require actual Mailed letters even though we use the online VA sites to submit. The Math you use to add up our Disability % is not real math and that is why alot of the Veterans who are disabled have over 120% disability but you come back with 80% or less with your math, knowing that this requires the Veteran to go thru the hoops again to get to 100% any civilian job that is 120% is = to 120% disabled not the case with the VA C & P .  And finally,  After 2 years you pull my wife’s $100.00 bill from 2019 which I paid less than 15 days after she died of cancer, and resend it in the Mail to my house in December this year ? I mean WTH are you thinking as someone at the VA intake for claims had to pull that document scan it and mail it for what reason ? I have no idea again, before my wife was even cold the VA went after me for being over paid for 100.00 in 2019 and I paid it when I received it. So what kind of government personnel would think of sending a Veteran’s Dead wife reminder this year thru the US postal mail so I can go jump off a cliff ? Didn’t work I am still here and I am still in the fight.  If your interested and want to hear more about the VA C&P and how we are treated and basically tortured feel free to write me. I have nothing to hide other than I would give 5.00 to any Official who would stick there career on the line to address the Largest Bureaucracy in the Government and show the rest of the Nation the Real VA C&P.  If you want to join the effort of this Veteran to RIGHT THE WRONG then contact me we Veterans need to stop allowing the VA to dictate our future, make us feel like criminals and provide those who served and suffered with what they deserve, not what the VA feels like giving you, and trust me there are too many homeless veterans that cant submit claims and wait 38 years to get the VA to approve your injuries came from your service. My Father served 2 tours  Vietnam and 1 in Korea, he passed away fighting to get help and medical for his Agent Orange issues and I was young and his skin was really ugly to look at, and no matter who he reached out to, they failed to address and approve the Agent Orange claims until recently. This is just one of many stories, now with our troops back from Afghanistan and other areas how long til they get approved or is it once again “Deny til you Die” at the VA C & P. Finally keep patting yourself on the back while you continue to kick us in the Arse, it hope it justifies the “crimes” that are committed by not approving our claims that have all the evidence in the world to show you they are Service connected. 2022 I hope is not for you !! I hope its 2022 the year for me and YOU. Do the right thing next time, read, and remember that the VA is suppose to care for veterans not discard them. 

  15. Don January 6, 2022 at 4:59 am

    22 Veterans a Day Kill Themselves. Been like that awhile now. As one that’s been in your system for 20 years at 70% Service Connected Disability I know for a fact your no better now as you were then. Your about the most corrupt government departments we have Your much better at taking care of yourselves than the vets. Your union makes sure of that.

    • Guylynn Cox January 6, 2022 at 11:09 am

      When I first went to the VA after getting out ofVietnam with PTSD. The results were sad
      Know the job at the Asheville VA is 5 stars. The have saved my life more then once with mental and physical problems. Thank you

  16. Reuben January 6, 2022 at 4:31 am

    Where are you getting your information? Where did your statistics come from? Probably all 1.9 million responses came from those fortunate vets that are already rated 100% who haven’t had to hire an attorney to help receive the care and benefits they deserve! (Probably 99.9% Caucasian)

  17. Daniel Kibbee January 6, 2022 at 3:00 am

    I appreciate my PACT TEAM and the excellent care I get . Not to mention the many benefits and programs VA offers. I say this to the Veterans who speak poorly of Dept of Veterans Affairs. It’s not a perfect system but it’s a great one.
    Try to have an attitude of gratitude this year.

    • Clay C. January 27, 2022 at 7:58 am

      Grattitude for what? For being ignored for six years while I begged for help. Piss off.

  18. Patriot Veteran January 6, 2022 at 1:44 am

    Numbers and figures can be used in various ways. It’s a basic lession in any stats class, so I’ve got a number for you. 22 veterans a day.

  19. Salvation Army Veterans Services January 6, 2022 at 1:41 am

    Yes…I am tired now and sick. 69yrs. VA and VAMC is always there. It was for our father, and our brother, and now me. Thank you.

  20. Tom January 5, 2022 at 7:09 pm

    I’ve been using the VA since 2002 and I am pleased with the care I get. There are issues with having providers leave and waiting for new ones but overall the VA does a good job.

    You have to remember that the VA is dealing with millions of people not just a few local vets. Also remember when you’re reading comments that some people would complain about a free lunch.

  21. Joseph Hicks January 5, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    The veterans affairs has came a long ways. But there is much more that is still needed especially for the vietnam veterans. I am a retired 24 combat soldier and I am the son the son of a Vietnam Veteran and he suffered horribly horribly because of Agent Orange and the veterans affairs did not do nothing.My grandfather 3 silver stars 2 bronze stars within 3 years of combat and World War II along with many other citations the veterans affairs would not even Grant him enough money to pay for his funeral in 1988. It is an embarrassment too to the United States of America of how we take care of the Soldier, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines who have defended this country for over 200 years. My last comment is even though it does not have to do with the veterans affairs but it does is it is.Why does Department of Finance and Accounting Service tax our military retirement when we earned it and it is paid from taxes how does that possibly make any sense?

  22. Mike January 5, 2022 at 5:55 pm

    Frankly, alot of us were lied to. I served my time and you promised to give me free health care for the rest of my life. Now you charge me for co pays on visits and meds. I can’t even see a dentist or chiropractor. So much for promises and contracts

    • Rob January 6, 2022 at 11:26 am

      Please, lets see that contract. I would love to see where you were you signed up for free healthcare?

  23. R bearden January 5, 2022 at 10:47 am

    See above comment. If you didn’t understand, look up higher on the page.

  24. January 5, 2022 at 10:45 am

    Only you civilians pat yourself on the ass to tell yourself how good you think you are. If you really want to know, ask not less than 50,000 veterans.

    Editor’s note, which is from the story: “VA received over 1.9 million survey responses and 450,000+ text responses, and the verdict is clear: a 90.1% trust score in VA health care and an overall 76% trust score means that Veterans overwhelmingly support and use VA.”

    • Amy Russell January 6, 2022 at 5:09 am

      Really you’re gonna use statistics to make your point. I bet you would get a different number if u call the VA white house hotline.

    • Amy Russell January 6, 2022 at 5:13 am

      Matter of fact. Where did you get your phony numbers ? I could go to any VA with a clipboard and get 90% unsatisfactory votes from real veterans waiting in line for 4 hours for their prozac. If this is deleted or considered misinformation I invite you to KMA

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