VA is always working to ensure that all Veterans and eligible family members receive the same quality of care and assistance, no matter where or how they access services across VA. Training modernization plays an important part in that goal.

Imagine two different Veterans go to two different VA medical facilities seeking treatment for the same condition. The medical specialists treating these Veterans may treat the same condition differently based upon their individual medical training, experiences and expertise.

A similar scenario could be equally applied to any job at VA (a phone operator, a scheduling assistant, a police officer, etc.). Veterans and family members receiving care could have different experiences at different locations due to varied training. The bottom line is that the way VA trains its staff – in every job and at every level – impacts the overall Veteran experience.

VA employees need training that allows them to deliver the same high-quality services and care to everyone it serves.

In support of the goal to ensure all VA staff are trained in a consistent, world-class manner using the best practices around, VA initiated a Training Modernization process. This multiyear effort will create and support national training standards for all VA employees.

Working to enhance the Veteran experience

What is exciting about this process is that employees are leading it and are putting in their time, above and beyond their day-to-day responsibilities, to find and use the best practices available as they work toward enhancing the Veteran experience. VA employees will benefit from this process because they will be able to easily find and access the training they need, right when they need it.

It is a win-win opportunity for everyone.

What does this mean to you as a Veteran? You will be able to count on consistently receiving a higher quality of care from VA providers, clinicians and staff, because the end goal of Training Modernization is to improve your experience as a Veteran, patient and customer.

More information will be shared as VA gets closer to reaching its goal. Visit VA’s Employee Education System website for more information about training and education in VA.

By Jeff Tilden is a supervisory communications specialist for the VA Employee Education System

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Published on Feb. 8, 2022

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