• Buffalo Soldier makes history serving as superintendent of VA cemeteries

    In 1878 Maj. George W. Ford, a "Buffalo soldier" of the reorganized Army after the Civil War, became one of the first African-Americans appointed as superintendent of a national cemetery.

  • Veterans Legacy Program: Pfc. Kenneth Tibbs, the sacrifice of one of the first African-American Marines in WWII

    Pfc. Kenneth Jewel Tibbs was a proud and excellent Marine […]

  • Veterans Legacy Program: William Kirlew

    Pvt. William Kirlew was an immigrant from Jamaica who served […]

  • Veterans Legacy Program: Pvt. Archie Hawkins

    Pvt. Archie Hawkins was a proud World War I Veteran.  […]

  • Black History Month: Pioneers in Medicine

    As our Nation celebrates Black History Month, it’s a good time […]

  • A Legacy of Exceptional Service

    For African American History month, we look at the history of their fight for America's freedom. The VA presents a video tribute to their legacy.

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