• Lillian Pfluke: Champion of cycling and service

    With a strong commitment to serving her country and participating in endurance sports, Lillian Pfluke has always sought to succeed in all aspects of her life.

  • Baseball Legend: Bob Feller

    Baseball legend Bob Feller was one of the first professional athletes to enlist in the military for service during World War II. He would go on to break numerous baseball records both before and after his time in the service.

  • Loud and fast is Army Veteran Ryan Major’s style

    Veteran Ryan Major has come out of a coma, battled constant pain and endured dozens of surgeries. Today, he is driving again, and a competitive athlete at the 39th National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

  • Jack Lummus: A Giant on the Battlefield

    Jack Lummus was a two-sport professional athlete and two-way end for the New York Giants, as well as a Medal of Honor recipient for his heroics during the U.S. assault on the island of Iwo Jima.

  • Ted Williams: American Hero

    Baseball legend Ted Williams broke numerous records during the course of his baseball career. His military service career was equally impressive as Williams served in both WWII and the Korean War, flying a total of 39 missions and earning numerous awards.

  • #BorneTheBattle 88: Bernardine Donato – Navy & Air Force Veteran, Athlete and Team RWB leader

    Bernardine Donato tells us about her service in the military, supporting her community, staying active, and how she needs to retire from retirement.

  • #BorneTheBattle 71: Billy Hurley III – Navy Veteran, professional golfer

    Navy Veteran Billy Hurley is the only military Veteran currently listed on the PGA tour. Billy talked to us about his military service, pursuing golf, and how his military career has contributed to his success as a golfer.

  • Marine Veteran uses Brazilian jiu-jitsu and VA for recovery

    Many Servicemembers join the military ready to go to war. Others face their toughest battles when they leave the service.

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