• Borne the Battle #280: Benefits Breakdown – Million Veteran Program

    This week’s Borne the Battle – a benefits breakdown – features the Million Veteran Program (MVP), which is a national, voluntary research program to learn about how genes, lifestyle and military exposures affect health and illness and improve health care for Veterans.

  • Borne the Battle 275: Benefits Breakdown, Office of Harassment and Assault Prevention

    This week’s Borne the Battle–a benefits breakdown—features the Office of Harassment and Assault Prevention. The office’s goal is simple: All those who visit a VA facility should be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Borne the Battle #260: Benefits Breakdown – VA Mobile Mental Health Apps

    This episode of Borne the Battle – a benefits breakdown – features VA Mobile Mental Health Apps, which provides free tools and information to support and help Veterans manage PTSD-related symptoms and stress, learn to practice mindfulness, aim to reduce suicide risk and strengthen parenting skills.

  • Borne the Battle #255: Benefits Breakdown – HUD-VASH: Assistance for Veterans and their Families facing homelessness

    This episode of Borne the Battle, a benefits breakdown, features HUD-VASH, a collaborative program between HUD and VA that provides support to help homeless Veterans and their families – and those at risk of becoming homeless – to find and sustain permanent housing.

  • Borne the Battle #224: Benefits Breakdown, VA Speech Language Pathology Services

    On this week’s episode of Borne the Battle, Navy Veteran and stroke survivor Dave Hume shares the journey of how he went from only expressing three words after his stroke to writing his own blog and becoming a motivational speaker.

  • Borne the Battle #211: Benefits Breakdown, VA Debt Management Center

    Veterans Jason Hoge and Joseph Schmitt cover how their personal experiences help guide them to help others who face a debt repayment. They also break down assistance provided to Veterans during situations such as natural disasters and COVID-19.

  • Borne the Battle #180: Benefits Breakdown: Appeals Modernization Part II

    In this Benefits Breakdown, Chairman Mason talks about the third lane of Appeals Modernization. Where the first two lanes allow Veterans to appeal their compensation claim decision to a claims adjudicator, the third lane allows Veterans to appeal a compensation claim decision directly to the Board.

  • Borne the Battle #175: Benefits Breakdown: Diabetes Education, Programs

    25% of Veterans in the VA Healthcare System have been diagnosed with diabetes. Mary Julius, breaks down devices, tools and education available to diabetic veterans both in-person and online.

  • Borne The Battle #169: Appeals Modernization Benefits Breakdown

    The Executive Director of the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Appeals Management Office talks about the process on Borne The Battle Benefits Breakdown.

  • #BorneTheBattle 99: Benefits Breakdown – Community Engagement, Homeless Programs

    Anthony Love discusses how VA delivers these resources, benefits, and services to Veterans that are homeless or at-risk for homelessness.

  • #BorneTheBattle 94: Benefits Breakdown – Smoke Quitline

    Calling the smoking quitline can get you set up with a counselor to talk about the importance of quitting, help set up a plan, and schedule follow up calls.

  • #BorneTheBattle 83: Benefits Breakdown – VA Welcome Kit

    Barbara Morton from the Veterans Experience Office explains the value the welcome kit has, how Veterans can receive a copy, and how Veterans can use it.

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