• Fighting battles, finding peace – my grandfather and me

    A retired officer describes his grandfather’s struggles with PTSD, then his own battles with the same condition after Afghanistan. Reflecting on their similar trials, he is grateful for his treatment.

  • Asking for help doesn’t make you weak

    Therapy does not mean we are weak. There is nothing more powerful for healing than sharing stories. It helps Veterans find the root cause of problems while finding solutions to address those challenges.

  • A Veteran’s perspective on the challenges of transition

    Retired Army Sergeant Major Jason Beighley says leaving the security blanket of the military culture was tough. He shares the three major things he has learned since retiring.

  • Partnerships to help prevent Veteran suicides

    Community leaders across southern New England met virtually to form stronger relationships to prevent Veteran suicides in their region and discuss outreach strategies for Veterans who are struggling.

  • New videos showcase choices, National Guard, Reserve

    Two new public service announcements show picking up the phone may lighten someone’s load and the unique role of the National Guard and Reserve.

  • ICYMI: #BeThere Facebook Live on VA Mental Health Care and Suicide Prevention

    In support of Suicide Prevention Month, VA and AMVETS teamed […]

  • VA staff’s instant action prevents a Veteran suicide

    During his regular appointment, a Veteran told a staff member about his plans to end his life. They immediately contacted his treatment team who provided treatment and saved his life.

  • Suicide prevention: Not just September, but every day

    With National Suicide Prevention Month coming to an end, we should remind ourselves that suicide prevention doesn’t end with the observation.

  • Anyone Can Save a Life: Are you prepared for the call? #BeThere

    On an early Friday afternoon in August, Nurse Practitioner Marilyn Latin answered a telephone call from a Veteran contemplating suicide. The Veteran randomly dialed Latin’s office phone seeking assistance, and Latin brought him to VA.

  • VA recognizes September as Suicide Prevention Month

    In observance of Suicide Prevention Month, VA encourages Veterans, community leaders, co-workers, families and friends to #BeThere for Veterans.

  • VA Secretary calls upon all Americans to help prevent Veteran suicide

    On the final day of the 2019 VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie called upon all Americans to work together to prevent suicide among service members and Veterans.

  • New PSA urges everyone to ‘Be There for Veterans’

    In the video, narrated by actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks, VA issues a call to 'Be There' and reach out to Veterans who may be in need.

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