• Veterans leather competition now accepting submissions

    The Veterans Celebrating Autumn Leather Crafting Competition is accepting competition submissions now through Sept. 22.

  • Artist designs creative guitars for Veterans’ music therapy

    Gabriela Mejia is an artist using her talents to decorate guitars for Veterans participating in Challenge America's Music Therapy Program.

  • National July 4th Veterans Art Competition now accepting submissions

    Calling all Veteran visual artists! The National July 4th Veterans […]

  • Veterans, communities connect through art, writing workshops

    Community Building Art Works helps Veterans connect with their communities through free online art and writing workshops.

  • Share some cheer with a fellow Veteran for the Holidays

    Veterans can share some cheer with a fellow Veteran this holiday season by sending a creative note letting them know they're not alone.

  • Operation Gratitude 9/11 digital letter writing campaign

    In honor of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and National Day of Service, Operation Gratitude welcomes grateful Americans to express their appreciation for the service and sacrifice of first responders, service members, and Veterans through our digital letter writing campaign.

  • Challenge America Veteran Arts Community, a new national arts initiative for Veterans

    Challenge America Veteran Arts Community, CAVARTS.org, offers an inclusive community where Veterans with an interest in the arts can support each other.

  • Veterans make it a family affair at National Veterans Creative Arts Festival

    A total of 115 Veterans from across the country will showcase their talents at this year's National Creative Arts Festival in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • VA’s 2018 National Creative Arts Festival

    Every year more than a hundred Veterans share their creative expressions in VA’s national arts festival. Lots of fun and camaraderie but it’s really all about rehabilitation through recreation therapy.

  • Calling all artists, performers, musicians and writers: Veterans arts festival and competitions kick off

    The 2018 National Veterans Creative Arts Competition began January 1. […]

  • Help Veterans find healing through music and art

    Many Veterans living with PTSD are discovering the healing powers […]

  • Wordcommandos: Encouraging Veterans to write and submit their works

    Writing has therapeutic significance for Veterans with PTSD, be it factual or expressive in nature.

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