• Exercise may be useful treatment option for Veterans with PTSD

    At the same time, interest is increasing among researchers and clinicians in using complementary and alternative treatments, such as exercise, to enhance traditional mental health care and support a patient-centered approach to care. Veterans with PTSD frequently use these treatments and often rate them as enjoyable.

  • PTSD and exercise: Finding recovery through fitness

    Listen to the podcast Short Takes on Suicide Prevention on the topic of PTSD and Exercise: Finding recovery through fitness.

  • Helping Veterans with migraines and headaches

    Mission of Headache Center of Excellence is to provide quality headache care to Veterans. Holistic approach includes advanced therapies.

  • Jackson VA staff walks to Indonesia… virtually

    More than 160 employees laced up their walking shoes and walked their way to Indonesia, the equivalent of more than 11,000 miles.

  • Have a conversation about your risk factors for heart disease

    Have a conversation with your provider about your risk factors for heart disease, especially if you are coping with stress, PTSD, or trauma.

  • Healthy habits: You have it in you

    You have it in you. Rediscover your best health using tools gained during your time in the service. VA can help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

  • VA MOVE! program offers Veterans lasting change

    Two Ohio Veterans embrace healthier lifestyles through VA’s judgment-free MOVE! program. Dietitian: “Healthy living isn’t one-size-fits-all.”

  • Hallways smart location for seniors’ fitness programs

    Northport VA staff has a team approach that includes medical providers and staff who use the CLC hallways for Veteran’s fitness programs.

  • Veterans: Exercise online at your pace on your schedule

    Gerofit is a personalized exercise program developed specifically for older Veterans. It’s available free, 24/7. It’s on the VA YouTube page. Here’s all the information you need to add some healthy active time to your day.

  • VA salutes nurses during 2020: “Year of the Nurse”

    During the “Year of the Nurse” we’ll be sharing stories of VA nurses who are transforming the VA health care system one patient at a time. Using the ANNIE mobile app is one example.

  • Brain surgery relieves Parkinson’s symptoms of Army Veteran

    In deep brain stimulation surgery, a small wire is placed into the brain to deliver electrical current. The current is an “off switch” for brain signals that cause abnormal physical movements.

  • The Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program and holiday stress

    Intimate partner relationships can experience increased stress over the holidays. VA’s Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program can help. Here’s some assistance in promoting relationship wellness.

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