• Tiny shelters one solution to Veteran homelessness

    Ending Veteran Homelessness: Chanin Santini of the Los Angeles VA describes how “tiny shelters” has evolved into a new model with big potential.

  • Korean era Veteran leaves behind a legacy of service

    From his service in Korea to his final battle, Marine Veteran William Nyman’s bravery reminds us of what it means to be a hero.

  • VA’s challenge to house 38,000 homeless Veterans

    Tune in for second episode of VA’s podcast Ending Veteran Homelessness Episode #2: VA's national challenge to house 38,000 homeless Veterans

  • This Pride Month, VA is proud of all LGBTQ+ Veterans

    Pride Month - Saluting our LGBTQ+ Veterans who volunteered to defend our freedom. It is our responsibility to help defend theirs.

  • Podcast: Ending Veteran homelessness

    Podcasts will introduce Veterans to new benefits and program innovations and tell how VA will continue to prevent Veteran homelessness.

  • VA provides hope to Navy Veteran David Burris, who was facing homelessness

    Navy Veteran used benefits of VA’s Grant and Per Diem Program which funds agencies providing services to Veterans experiencing homelessness.

  • VA and Volunteers of America help Veteran Robert Irvin go from homeless to home

    Vietnam Veteran Airman Robert Irvin used a VA benefit to become a truck driver. A crash flipped his truck over and VA helped him again.

  • Army Veteran Barry Jordan gets a second chance with VA’s justice programs

    The mission of VA’s Veterans Justice Outreach Program is to identify justice-involved Veterans and facilitate access to VA services.

  • VA homeless programs enable bright future for Army Veteran Ronald Scott

    When a fire damaged Army Veteran’s home, he received help from HUD-VASH, a collaborative program pairing HUD assistance with VA support.

  • “I only dreamed of this.” VA program finds Veteran Lorenzo Campbell a home

    Army Veteran Lorenzo Campbell was facing homelessness until a VA social worker connected him with VA homeless programs.

  • Rideshare program helps Veteran find news roads to employment

    VA’s Rideshare Program, an essential service to Veterans…helpful in giving eligible Veterans transportation to workplace and healthcare settings.

  • We believe you and we believe in you: Resources for homeless Veterans

    Veterans experiencing sexual assault or intimate partner violence are at greater risk of being homeless. We believe you, and believe in you.

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